Image: Project Natal device sent to developers

Seattletimes has managed to get their hands on an image of the Project Natal prototype that MS has been sending out to developers. Check out the full image inside.

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THE MAX SPEED 213183d ago

looks sweet. I guess you'll be able to twist it in different position with that form.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3183d ago

Putting it on a tripod kinda makes it look like that robot from the movie Short Circuit. lol

kneon3183d ago

It's called a Gorilla Pod, I have several of them in different sizes. I don't expect they will use that in the final version.

presto7173183d ago

plus its ugly to boot.

no no no no no....

deadreckoning6663183d ago

I think the reason a lot of people believe Natal will fail is because they think that what we saw at E3 is the final version. BIG-MISTAKE.

Blaze9293183d ago

that thing honestly looks kind of creepy

Elven63183d ago

Site is down at the moment. =/

But that is most likely just a debug, prototype, etc sent to developers.

Similar to how dev/debug kits especially earlier in the generation are so different from the regular consoles.

GreenRingOfLife3183d ago

project Natal keeps getting better and better

Even TIME magazine said its one of the most innovated pieces of technology of the decade

MS does it again

frankymv3183d ago

So this is MS's bid to take the casual market huh.........

D4RkNIKON3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

pfffttt! HAHAHA HAHAHA oh ;) My eyes actually teared up from the laughing

fear883183d ago

Microsoft hypes natal and exclaims its the biggest thing ever yet the devs just got the actual camera?


iMad3183d ago

How anti MS Sony employees here ignore word "a prototype". waste job time pals, waste time.

we won3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Are the PS3 fanboys even reading the text? It's just a dev kit basically, without its fancy case.

Guido3183d ago

That thing looks like a turd and would have no place on my entertainment center. Can you imagine defacing the look of a 55" Samsung LED HDTV with that pile of trash? Come on MS, clean it up a bit.

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RyuCloudStrife3183d ago

it looks like one of those tripod robots lol

THE MAX SPEED 213183d ago

and the PS3 devs are receiving the Device which the design was inspired by many Dildo types and will be having a Anal sex orgy on some homo ish.

rip mag 7.9 meta , white knight 5.1/10 ign .

3183d ago
TheBand1t3183d ago

haha, that's the first thing I thought when I saw it.

Johnny 5 alive!

Bigpappy3183d ago

If that thing starts walking around its going to freak me out. M$ did say the thing was quite smart. As long as it doesn't take pictures of private moments and post them on the net, it has a place to stay. One screw-up and he is locked in the game room for life.

Somnipotent3183d ago

do i read "class 5 laser" on that sticker? wtf...

dirthurts3183d ago

Rock on. Laser me! I'm pretty sure there will be a tinted cover over that for the final version, hence the reason they would need a more powerful laser.

militant073183d ago

it says Class 1 Lasers...

kneon3183d ago

Reminds me of HAL

Open the pod bay doors HAL

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The story is too old to be commented.