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Hellsvacancy4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

That is crazy - i aint 1-of those 12 million

I wonder how many people pirated it - again not me

Bungie4619d ago

i guess i'm the only one who expected much more
it's on the 360/PS3/PC

still good sales for MW2

bacon134619d ago

Wow, those are some insane numbers. Too bad most of those copies were sold to @$$holes who shouldn't be playing the game in the first place.

Guido4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

MW2 was the most pirated game of 2009 with over 4 million copies reported as pirated.

Dev8 ing4619d ago

PC sales aren't included (see my post below).

Chubear4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

Yeah, so much for "oh MW is crap, iz teh glitchfest!, iz teh CoD4.5, weak campaign, cash grab grabage" ... but we still went out and gave it record sales in support of it so can have more MW3 with more glitches and ADD gameplay can be created

... but something truly innovative and industry defining that pushes gaming? "Meh, teh graphics, nothing special"

Aren't we great gamers indeed? Yes, we are.

Honestly, from now on, if I see any one on any forum talking down on MW series calling it crap in anyway or criticizing it I will keep giving thumbs down on that comment cause gamers are full of $#%^.

N4BmpS4619d ago

Well it met it's overall expected sales, nearly 12 million is a huge number.

solidt124619d ago

Insane numbers for two months. I got my copy but ready for either MAG or Bad Company two after Mass Effect 2 gets completed. Then there's Bioshock 2 and GOD III. Man there are just so any games coming out.

Obama4619d ago

I am not one of the 12m either. :P

Guido4619d ago

But in this case, I am glad it sold well. I play it all the time and the more players online, the more divers the matches can be. If you get into a bad lobby, you can get out and into another lobby that will have greater potential for being a fun one. I rarely have issues with the game so for me, and I make it clear to say, FOR ME, the game is fun as heck.


@ Chubear

ya but remember... sales don't = quality ( thats what we are always hearing from sony fans ).

it does not matter how much the game has sold, it is still a big mess of an online pile of dog poo.

And yes, we as gamers are too blame ( not those who actually stood by their word and didn't buy it, but the weaker ones, myself included ).

I sold my copy when darksiders came out. i still play my brothers copy every now and then hoping to have a good game and then after 10min I remember why I sold it and I stop.

even the people on here who defend the game and say it's the best ever, these are the same people if you actually hear them in a match they are the ones saying "what the F£%! " every 2 min because of some bull Sh that happened to them.

The Happy Baby4619d ago

Awesome numbers.

the sales rape, its unbearable.

Killjoy30004619d ago

They don't deserve nearly half of these sales. Riding on the success of an IP is a disgusting practice. At least GTA IV tried with a fantastic storyline and characters+dialogue. MW2 dropped the ball almost entirely.

Megaton4619d ago

I said I wasn't gonna buy it before it came out, and I didn't. (following through on something, what a crazy concept, eh?)

Keep f*ckin' that chicken guys. Don't complain next time Activision decides to pull some bullshit on consumers. You only have yourselves to blame.

FragGen4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

Ya know sometimes, I feel like I'm the only person out of the 12 million who loved this game. I played COD4, loved it, MW2 was really more of the same with some new stuff mixed in, so I loved it, too. I still don't get WTF all you haters were expecting and why you take some of the problems that are annoying but can be worked around as deal breakers that need to be harped on endlessly and religiously. I've been playing this game for months (PS3 version) with no major problems.

Seriously, like Tallahassee says: Nut up or shut up.

Really a lot of the crying sounds like people who can't win every game getting pissed a lot of the time to me... half the stuff you guys complain about, I've never even SEEN happen once.

Don't get me wrong, I'm playing MAG now instead of MW2 and I'll probably play BFBC2 and MOH, too, and I expect they WILL probably UP the bar but really MW2 was WAY more than 60 bucks worth of entertainment for me. I guess I had enough sense to know what to expect from a twitch shooter and its goofy, occasionally immature, fanbase.

Alcon Caper4619d ago

Guido's right. It's fun and addicting as heck. Once the map pack comes out, probably another million or so will sell.

I can't get into the BC2 demo. It's jerky, there are a ton of campers, spawn camping is a huge problem, the weapons don't seem to do anything...I'm just hating on it. And I played the damn thing for 3 days straight.

Definitely a pass. Once the MW2 maps come out, I'll be a happy boy!

ambientFLIER4618d ago

I'm with ya guys. I've been having a ton of fun with it ever since Novermber 11th... I'm not really sure as to where all these major glitches are, because I have never even seen the Javelin glitch, believe it or not.

I think most of the haters haven't actually played it on their own, and are just going off the rumors, just to fit into the whole "bash mw2" scene.

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The Meerkat4619d ago

That's 2.7 copies a second, 24 hours a day.

Not bad.

Godmars2904619d ago

Not good either, considering the quality of the game.

NYC_Gamer4619d ago

this game only sold based off hype...because it fails gameplay wise in my opinion...

Cyrax_874619d ago

Exactly. I bought this game purely out of hype and it's the only game I've bought this gen that I actually want to return. The are much more better games to buy on the PS3/360.

Dev8 ing4619d ago

Funny the exact same thing happened with GTA:IV. Gamers don't learn that's why companies keep pulling this sh1t.

ilovecake4619d ago

That's a lot of MW2 games!!!

Official General4619d ago

I own the first Modern Warfare (COD4) for my PS3 and when I first played it, I thought it was absolutely incredible and I still do. I was very much anticipating MW2 and at first, I thought it was a big improvement on the first. However once I completed MW2, I now realised it's not as great as media have hyped it up to be. I'm still actually thinking of trading it in for any other game that I plan to buy next. I dont know what it is, but I just felt that something was missing. MW2 is still a good game, but definitely not great. I may still keep it to make up a trilogy as the Infinty Ward have stated there will be a third installment.

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