Adult Only-Rated Game Live On The Internet

Manhunt 2's 'Adult Only' rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board in the United States has seen all three platform holders – Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft – stating that games with this certification will not be published on their hardware.

Does this mean that the game will never see the light of day?

What happens to an AO'd game in this case? SPOnG looked back into history all the way to 1998 and Virgin Interactive's Thrill Kill.

As you can see from the packshot to the right of this story, Thrill Kill was given an AO rating. However, it never got close to release as Electronic Arts acquired the property as part of its purchase of Virgin – and pulled it from release on the PlayStation.

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MK_Red4232d ago

I have seen Thrill Kill and frankly its a good MK rip-off unlike others that were released. I really REALLY hope Manhunt 2 doesn't end up as a black market game. There goes all the hope for Manhunt 3 and truly realistic and gory GTA4.

tudors4232d ago

Gears of War is a 18 certificate, does this mean it's adult only? you would assume so wouldn't you, they need to be clear about this.

witchking4232d ago

The console makers need to stop being such hypocrites. First they tell us that the average age of gamers is getting older, then they won't allow games that are targeted at adults on their systems.

I realize they're trying to sell themselves as family-oriented entertainment, but who's being kidded here? Do we really think that Gears of War, God of War and RE4 are REALLY any worse than what Manhunt 2 can provide? It's all violence. In Gears you're actually using a chainsaw to cut someone in half. It's great fun and all.

So please, MSFT, Nintendo, Sony, get off your lame "prudish" sensibilities and allow us to enjoy adult-oriented games. We are ADULTS, after all.

kornbeaner4232d ago

Very true, we are not the same kids that grew up with mario and sonic, but yet we get treated like we are.

There is no difference between this game and a movie like Hostel or Saw, but yet due to the stigmata that Videogames are a "kids" thing we get shafted for a game that can be great. The Problem is "PARENTS" that don't take control of what their kids are doing. Mom or Dad come home little Timmy just pulled off some crazy kill right in front of their eyes and they are offended. So instead of looking at themselves and asking themselves "How the hell did my son get this game with the money I gave them?" They look for somebody to blame who isn't them.

That where the ESRB and the FCC and other censor groups come in. They try to babysit those children because the people who brought them into the world refuse to or are to "BUSY" to do it themselves.

Makes me sick really. We all have to deal with our freedom being tainted just cause some people like to have their hands held throughout their entire life. Pathetic really.

P.S. sorry for the long post but Censorship is a real hot button topic with me.

DrWan4232d ago

Wasn't GTA San Andreas Adult Only rating? It has 0 problem selling..

Legionaire20054232d ago

The console makers make these games for minors only that is the truth. Think about it!!!! Why above 17 years old games can't sell in major retailers like Wal Mart? 17 years old, which we all know is still a minor like every age below it is where it all ends for gaming, so basically no real mature games for adults. These companies are very hypocritical, because the movie industry has movie that are unrated and NC-17 sold in retailers yet games are still treated just for kids. People I think there should be a petition for this!!!!! An I guarantee the majority of people will be for Adult gaming!!! yeah!!

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