Star Trek Nerds Unite

Namco Bandai announced that it will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record next week in London. Namco, in association with Atari, will be publishing Star Trek Online, and it plans to set a cosplay record -- the "largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters." Yeah, it's apparently a legitimate record.

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Pumbli3204d ago

I'd love to show up there wearing a Dearth Vader suit with a couple of friends dressed as stromtroopers and mess with the trekkies. :P

I would never go to thing like this though.
*ehem* sausage fest *ehem*

Lucreto3204d ago

If you did that you would most likely get a Bat'leth up the rear.

WhittO3204d ago

Storm Troopers would sooo FAIL against Borg/Dominion...basically most of the bad guys on Trek lol.

kwicksandz3204d ago

id love to see a super star destroyer vs federation fleet battle