Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Review [Spawn Kill]

Snarkasaur of SK writes: Project Aces has attempted to bridge this gap over the years with a series of console-friendly flight games, and for the most part they've been well received. Sky Crawlers tries to bridge the gap even further by combining a flight engine with an already established book and anime movie. For many, particularly those who found the Sky Crawlers movie enjoyable, this gap was not difficult to traverse. It's a smart move, and for the most part it works because it not only adds a pleasing aesthetic to the game, but gets an enjoyable, while not uber-realistic, flight sim into the hands of those it might not otherwise have found.

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TheBand1t4802d ago

Where is Ace Combat 7, Project Aces?

I'm starting to lose patience.

jerethdagryphon4801d ago

ive lsot patience a psp ace combat this year with no sign of a proper one...... comeone aces get the lead out

Snarkasaur4801d ago

The above comments did make me think of something I forgot about in the review, mainly that this game got me interested in the other Project Aces games.

pcz4801d ago

Can you fly around without time restraints in this game?

Snarkasaur4801d ago

Not in the story missions, though honestly at least on a medium difficulty time was never a factor, or at least a pressing one.

There is also a free mission mode though.

pcz4801d ago

Thanks. Thats good then, i can't wait to fly around.

I sometimes play the flight simulator on google earth, quite fun just to dive lol

So im really looking forward to this game. My first flight 'sim' really

dwightmccarthy4801d ago

I might have test this out just because of the wii controls.

asdr3wsfas4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

For 30 dollars it's certainly worth it. The textures on the ground aren't the greatest but the wii controls are fun. Wiimote does accelerate, dpad yaws, nunchuck is like the flight stick.

I haven't played that far in but the controls are very nicely done. If you like flight sims but not enough to invest in expensive joysticks it's a good purchase.