FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Review

Pro-G have what looks to be the first online review of FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage for the Xbox 360. They praise the graphics and fun factor, but don't like the difficulty so much.

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predator4138d ago

8 out of 10 is good, may take a look into this

Daz4138d ago

8 out of 10 good for a port with much added features and better graphics. One of the best ports so far.

Cartesian3D4138d ago

its a must buy for me... love these kind of driving games..


candystop4138d ago

Is there any footage of this game anywhere? I don't buy games based on review's and like to decide myself if a game is good or not!

4138d ago
ShiftyLookingCow4138d ago

yeah I knew it was Flatout 2 Enchanced, but then FO2 was hell lot of fun.

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