Nvidia unveils Tesla, new Cell killer in supercomputing applications

Nvidia today announced Tesla, a third product line next to the GeForce and Quadro graphics products. The company aims to use Tesla cards and the massive floating point horsepower of its graphics processors to take over a portion of the lucrative supercomputing market.

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marison4139d ago

Maybe they could explode [email protected] and other supercomputing projects to new highs.

Annihilator4139d ago

use a GPU as a CPU they would have done it years ago.

Cartesian3D4139d ago

they beat Cell before with 8800 series and even with X1900 series..all of them has more FLOPS than cell

but cell has better connectivity and more performance in PARALLEL perocessing(and general one) .. like AMD processors cuz of Hyper transport..

AMD use that incredible connectivity to beat Intel in supercomputing Area..

EXAMPLE: 2 xeon are 40% faster than 1
but 2 opteron are 70% faster than 1 opteron ( I saw these numbers in )

so we must wait and see who will make best super computer , not who will make best chip .... and Nvidia isnt first... ATI and AMD did the same before with steam processor.

marison4139d ago

GPU as a CPU. [email protected], per example, use all CPU and GPU resources on [email protected]

ATI GPU Articles:

They use RSX in PS3. Not only Cell. RSX could have a major part, or at least a considerable one, in all [email protected] processing.

Cartesian3D4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I said ATI and AMD did the same before ..

but I said SUPERcomputer is about more than thousonds of CPU or GPUs.. and CONNECTIVITY is the most important part for making that..

thats why we must see a REAL supercomputer to see who will win ..


thx bro for your info.. my bubbles finished.. :P so I put thx in this comment. hope u see it.. gl

marison4139d ago

And connectivity is a real issue. Cell have plenty of them, but in some cases there are different needs.

Some applications need lots of processing power, but the data that enters in the pipeline and the results are not proportional. [email protected] and [email protected] are some examples from that type of application.

The initial data, positions of atoms of a protein molecule. is only a bunch of bytes.

But they have to execute transformation of 3D position of all atoms, a lot of times, and have to test if they are instable or not.

The results are the stable configuration of each protein. More bytes than before, but still few.

anh_duong4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

where in the original article does it mention the word cell let alone cell killer?? isn't the headline writer here using some artistic license? report the news as it is not some made up headline design to create anothe fanboy war. if anything the articles makes direct comparison with ati and intel why isn't the title more intel ati killer?


i dont even think the word cell was even mentioned. fnbysm!

Firewire4139d ago

Cell Killer? What a Stretch!
for shame xbot for shame!

gta_cb4138d ago

got to say i agree about the article title, should have been the same as the title on the story page.

"Nvidia unveils Tesla, moves into supercomputing"

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The story is too old to be commented.