Manhunt 2: What's happened so far... Sony will also not allow the game on their systems.

I'm writing this article out myself so that others won't be so confused as to what has actually happened with Manhunt 2, so I will write it out in a list.

[1] Manhunt 2 banned in UK -
[2] Manhunt 2 banned in Ireland -
[3] Rated "Adults Only" by ESRB -
[4] Gamefly & Blockbuster refuse to stock Adult-Only games -
[5] Nintendo will not allow Adult-Only Manhunt 2 on the Wii -
[6] Sony will not allow Adult-Only games on their systems. -
[7] Most Likely that Australia will also ban the game following UK

It seems very likely that the game will have to be heavily edited otherwise it can't come out for any of the systems it is currently slated for. The other option is to cancel the game, but with the costs involved I think Rockstar will opt for editing the game.


Just been informed by member alpharidley that Manhunt 2 has been banned in Italy too. Here is the link:

Google translated version:

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Maddens Raiders4138d ago

why R* didn't anticipate a move like this by the ESRB a long time ago ahead of schedule and had a decent back up plan.

heihoosilver4138d ago

i just don´t understand so much ban an hate on videogames, some movies are much more violent and gore. It´s like the fact that a person under 16 can´t work and make some money, on factorys, but persons under 16 can work and make money on movies, soaps, singing, or playing sports. Are we on a free world or aren´t we?

Saint Sony4138d ago

Yes, movies are often a lot more graphic compared to games, but we have to remember that in game world, it is often YOU who decide if you crack someones skull or not. YOU experience it and so much more intensively than compared to movies. In movies you can only watch, in games you can plan out every move you make and the way you kill/hurt/beat up/shoot/stab. There is a difference.

I can't understand why Sony would not want to allow adults only game in their system if they used live porn at launch parties in some countries. Porn/sex/violence suits their "this is living".. it might be brutal but hey, it's life. We are beasts.

Snake_Doctor4138d ago

"The ultra-violent videogame Manhunt 2 allows you to rape a woman shortly after you beheaded her in the brothel level called Honey Pot. Members of the ESRB were shocked when Daniel Lamb used his male reproduction organ and simulated a penetration in the bloody hole. Other gruesome parts include microwaving a living cat to death and being a witness of necrophilia in a cemetery..."

In short R* had to have known the impact of this they probably already have an edited version that was planned all along. This version was released to give the game some hype. If not they are truly idiots and deserve their financial woes. /rant

gaffyh4138d ago

@Snake_Doctor - OMG if that's true. That's just sick and twisted, I feel sick. WTF was R* thinking??!? I don't mind any amount blood and violence, but that's just disgusting.

4138d ago
Snake_Doctor4138d ago

Even if the point of the game was to make you feel sick it sort of desensitizes you to a point. Our society just isn't ready for that I guess. With more realistic feel and now control mechanisms I think that it would be labeled a murder simulator. I'm not one for censorship but I think the government's responsibility is to the people and it seems as if the collective governments think that this game shouldn't see the light of day as it is.

emptiness4138d ago

RAPE? in a videogame? wow. everyone of you who still want this game is SICK and SERIOUSLY F*CKED UP! if you still think this game is cool after knowing you RAPE a woman after killing her YOU NEED SERIOUS MENTAL HELP.

4138d ago
emptiness4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

oh i'm soooo sorry for not realizing. i must be stupid for thinking there isn't anything wrong with acting out a ficticious rape...silly me. i guess we should just allow everything so everyone can get off to their sick and twisted f*cked up realities.

...oh yea, and i must thank you for showing me what a great how awesome you are at trying to turn the whole argument around on me. i was so confused, i thought for a second there you were right. wow. check you conscience. i feel sorry for any children you have or may have.

EDIT: i noticed you are out of bubbles...if you want to say something back just edit your comment...

EDIT2: ok, i see your illiterate. well, i can't help you with that.

EDIT3: lol, nice that you can speak 6 languages and NOT know what illiterate means...lmao

EDIT4: no thanks. hope you don't suffocate others like you have your soul

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gaffyh4138d ago

Yeah I understand what you mean, because a lot more Movies are more violent than any game, but I think it is because you are doing the action in the game, but when you watch a movie you're just watching it. Or something like that. It must be very violent to have been banned though, I would like to have seen some of the gameplay footage that cause the ban.

Kastrol4138d ago

well some kid did die allegedly he was crazy about manhunt

im all for r rated games but i can understand why they banned this game

gaffyh4138d ago

I read this on BBC news:

"The original Manhunt game caused huge controversy and was blamed for the murder of Stefan Pakeerah.

The boy was stabbed and beaten to death in Leicester in February 2004.

Stefan Pakeerah was murdered in 2004

His parents believe the killer, Warren LeBlanc, 17, was inspired by the game."

People seem to blame games to try and get a lesser sentence. Just because you play a game doesn't mean you will get influenced by it, otherwise we would have millions of murderers influenced by GTA.

ShiftyLookingCow4138d ago

while I am not really for too much censorship, this game is just so foking weird. Yeah of course there are even more foking weird movies, but Wii enhanced strangling? WTF

ShiftyLookingCow4138d ago

Well hmm I wouldnt mind Super Mario Strangling

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