VG Chartz speaks out

What video game news website hasn't tossed numerical facts around regarding the success (or failure) of a console, or software? But just because the numbers are let loose in a news story, doesn't always mean that everyone who reads the story will believe that said numbers are true. In fact, the statistical tracking website for gaming, VG Chartz, has come under some scrutiny by gamers, and decided to toss a few questions their way to see what the fuss is all about.

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tplarkin74138d ago

Brett (owner of VGChartz) said, "Considering the site is essentially run by one person (who also has a full time job and fiancée) and is offered to people for free then I think many have expectations which are far too high. I do my best with the information I have but of course it is not perfect."

So, he opens his interview with some whine. He admits that is numbers are not accurate! End of story...

bootsielon4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Who do you trust better, a guy who's barely 18 years old and is potentially a fanboy (nexgenwars), that DOES NOT check sales numbers, but rather, "calculates" them with an unproven formula simply based on "sales speed" (taken out of his ass, of course; pseudo-science obviously, since the guy doesn't even have a college degree), or a guy with a job and a fiancee (VGchartz), that actually checks monthly stats in american and europe, and weekly sales in japan? Seriously, I trust the later more than the earlier, thanks.

THWIP4138d ago

"The figures on VG Chartz represent the entire market. I obviously don’t collect data for 100% of the market, but with the help of a few others behind the scenes we collect a sample of data and use scaling factors derived from analyzing historical data and estimating the extent and bias of our market coverage to arrive at our final figures."

That's no better than the method NGW uses. This guy WANTS people to believe he's developed some complicated algorithm to extrapolate meaningful data from limited resources. The fact is, he's essentially making an "educated guesstimate", based on past sales figures....nothing more.

kevin11224138d ago

well considering vgcharts is actually close to the real numbers than nextgenwars, i suggest everyone should use vgcharts for a reference.