The Darkness: Exclusive Developer commentary and walkthrough

GamesRadar recently managed to haul Lars Johansson, producer of The Darkness, out of the shadows of the Starbreeze studios and into the light to talk us through two levels of his supernatural horror thriller. Joining him for the commentary were Art director, Jens Mathies, and the Lead gameplay designer.

The walkthrough is presented in two parts, one of which you can find below.

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Diselage4191d ago

This is looking like a gruesome game, i wonder if they'll slap the AO rating on this as well.

nanometric4191d ago

Dunno, but this game looks siiiiick! Same as a game we are making :D

Marceles4190d ago

Can you even die in this game? I've still never saw a life meter or anything, it just looks like the main character is unstoppable. I can't wait to get this next week