God of War: Betrayal Launches

Today, Sony Pictures Television announced the launch of God of War: Betrayal for mobile on Verizon Wireless. Based on the ultra-popular PlayStation 2 action series, Betrayal picks up precisely where God of War II left off, with Kratos still out of favor with the inhabitants of Olympus. To regain their favor, Kratos must beat back a ferocious army.

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Diselage4139d ago

This actually looks like it will be a fun mobile game.

consolecrusader4139d ago

Seems like my razor is too small for me to play it on...does anyone think same?

kornbeaner4139d ago

It depends on what Razor you have. It won't be to small it might just run to slow if you have an older razar.

kornbeaner4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

It's actually really good if you have a High-end Phone, cause on the lower to mid class phones this game is crap.

<EDIT> @ #4

this game as of now is not being ported to the IPhone or any of the smartphones out right now. GOW mobile is only being release for consumer handsets. Most Lg's Motorola and others that do not fall in the Smartphone category.

LeonSKennedy4Life4139d ago

Dang it...I have Cingular (AT&T)

I'm hoping the iPhone can pull off better graphics!

I need an iPhone!

I bought Oblivion a few days's kinda lame on the phone. DON'T GET IT!