GP Review: Resident Evil 4

The analogue stick on the nunchuck moves Leon while the remote aims weapons and executes attacks. But the controls do so much more than that. They affect the pacing of the game and lend to the creepy ambiance that always works so well in Resident Evil games.

The author writes, "When I found myself cornered in a small room with a chainsaw wielding maniac, my pulse increased, I found it difficult to aim my gun and I became overwhelmed with the urge to run and hide. This is the first game I've played on the Wii where the physical, hands-on nature of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck actually drew me in deeper to the reality of the game."

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ITR4231d ago

GP gave it a 5.0 on controls...take that Eurogamer.

Charlie26884231d ago

I find it interesting, some people say it help make the game more immerse other say its clumsy and poorly implemented

I need to try it to take a side

on the funny fact when it was shown on GS show On the Spot I think it was Jason couldn't aim not even once and played like he was drunk or something showing how the controls dont seem to be for everybody

progx4231d ago

Ill be buying this today asap.