Why don't fighting games have an online practice mode?

PS3 Attitude: "Every major fighting game released this generation has an online feature with the exception of Virtua Fighter 5 on the PS3. Two player battles are pretty much guaranteed and that's really all you get. Even if a game has multiple modes to play, they won't be online enabled.

With the recent resurgence of the fighting game genre, one would think that an online training mode would have been done by now."

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gtamike1233182d ago

Thats a dumb idea thats why

darthv723182d ago

It wouldnt work having online training. The object of training/practice is to get better than the cpu before taking on real opponents. How hard is that to figure out?

Delriach3182d ago

You think training mode is to get better than an AI before moving onto real people? That makes no sense...

kagon013182d ago

Yes it is...

That's is why you have the non ranking player matches.

Pebz3182d ago

Not exactly the same, practice mode is supposed to give both players infinite life and no time limit.

The usefulness of it is subjective; either you use it or you don't, but it's not like it would take much effort to add it to the game, so I reckon the topic is valid.

Delriach3182d ago

Thank you Pebz for understanding. It's a mode that could be useful for some and it should be easy to add.