VideogameUK Review: Hyperballoid HD (PS3)

From the review:

"There is a certain amount of tweaking you can do to an old formula before it begins to lose some of the identity that made it so great in the first place. In some cases this can be of great improvement, much like Fallout 3 altering the RPG feel of Oblivion by adding an FPS element and creating something that people would rate higher than what had came before (well, I did anyway).

More often than not though, it can lead us down a path we would rather not see. Some classics of the older generation have had their insides fiddled about with, given a new lick of paint and some jazzed up ideas that we're all meant to receive as it's second coming. Hyperballoid HD has a difficult line to tread and is taking on a lot expanding and aiming to revamp a classic and make it in its own style."

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