The 10 first minutes: Folklore

Playsyde's dear DjMizuhara took the time to grab a Japanese copy of Folklore and captured the usual first ten minutes of the game, following the events of the demo of course. He plays with the male characters and goes through various environments and enemies.

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closedxxx4140d ago

That was terrible!!!
Don't waste your time.
It looks like someone made a Harry Potter skin for Phantasy Star Online...

twostep184140d ago

character maodels look good but once again seems the developers just dont care bout the scenery/background .....=/ come on ppl take the time to learn the ps3

Xi4140d ago

your avatar picture isn't the red rings of death, it means you need to plug in the component cables.

seriously, you fail at trolling.

chitown4140d ago

can anyone say SLEEPER HIT

razer4140d ago


Just not my kinda game.

hikikimori4140d ago

I have the demo and the background graphics are amazing. You're either blind or full of ****.

fenderputty4140d ago has better stuff out there.

Marceles4140d ago

The demo is really fun once you fill up all the buttons with powers. I can't wait for this to come out in the US

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The story is too old to be commented.