Cinema in Video Games

Are games trying too hard to become movies?

Twenty minute long, gorgeous, breath taking animated cut scenes. Sweeping, academy-award worthy musical scores. Intensive, interpersonal character development. With elements like these becoming common features, it's no secret that videogames have been becoming increasingly cinematic and story-driven in recent years. But are games trying too hard to become movies?

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Diselage4139d ago

A donkey kong movie would be AWESOME!

Really though a good game can be set up like a movie, people like story when they play something for hours and hours and a movie like experience can give that.

MK_Red4139d ago

Kool article. I always believe in games as next step in art, taking Cinema to next dimension, just like cinema itself took music, writing and acting to next dimension.
I hope to see more cinematic games but th ones that dont forget about gameplay. A truly good game must be both cinamtic and artsy and yet uber addictive and fun to play. Examples: God Of War, Halo, Devil May Cry and MGS.

Observer4139d ago

Weird that Blizzard RTS'es were not mentionned.

For it's time Starcraft had one hell of a complex storyline.