Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Coming to PlayStation 3 and PC

The two action packed episodes will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network and Games for Windows® LIVE on March 30, 2010. Each episode boasts the same detailed and immersive Liberty City we all know and love. Games for Windows - LIVE players can enjoy 32-player multiplayer matches and an advanced video editor, and all fans will have the chance to once again listen to the dulcet tones of Liberty City Radio.

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maskedwarrior5283d ago

Kind of expected after all the rumors. Another big game for March?

MasFlowKiller5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Of 2008

sorry R* but WTH is happening to u?
If it barely was profitable in the 360 wat makes you think porting it to the ps3 will do?

this is very illogical, i know that the DLC is superior then the actual game but how many people do u think actually still have the game, specially considering that his was the worst GTA experience of the series(and this is coming from a guy that has a copy of the code of wat the first GTA game was suppost to be, and played every single GTA game including the gameboy color unreleased game)

is not that am hating on R* for releasing it on the 360 but that they could be working on the next GTA instead of porting code of a DLC that barely broke even on its intended console.

"Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for PS3 will become available in stores on March 30, 2010"

Really u think ur going to make some money off of this?
Heavy Rain
God Of War
White Knight

are all coming out before March 30.
Is it really worth it?

WildArmed5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

bah.. another march title.
Dont see anything good going for it atm.

Maybe the DLC/digital version will get some extra push

PS: Thank MS for funding the DLC for all GTA 4 fans-- lol.. i didn't like GTA 4 much personally

Dontcha mean,
BAM! There it is!

deadreckoning6665283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

I sold my copy of GTA4 ages ago, but this pretty much solidifies my decision not to buy a 360 this generation. If M$ paid $50 million for these episodes, just to have them as timed exclusives, then I'd be incredibly surprised if the same thing doesn't occur with Mass Effect 1 and 2. Things aren't looking good for the 360.

@skv- Man, all I can say right now is..BOOOOOM!!! With the Bayonetta patch(and future patches), GOW3 advetisement at 7-eleven, and now this, Sony is LITERALLY doing everything right in 2010. I'm done defending M$. Sony is just embarrassing them right now. I can't wait to see the mainstream's reaction when they see GOW3 and later figure out that its not on the 360 :)

SoapShoes5283d ago

Horrible investment for MS. $50 million for a timed exclusive? Weak sauce.

UnSelf5283d ago

how long does it take for a new game to drop to about $20? i guess ill pick this up in March 2011

i cant wait!!

qface645283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

i just find it a little funny because a while back people would say its not gonna happen

these rumors about (insert 360 game here) coming to the ps3 usually come true most of the time

anyways i haven't even played gta4 for a long time ill just wait for the next gta game

rroded5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

worth picking this up jus for that imo tho i never finished the sp but i still play online. Its one of the best games to play with a few friends imo. Hope they give us a good deal on it so everyone on me friends list can afford it. Been dying for those new online modes on psn.

n for those who havnt tried it give it a go tons of modes and stuff ta do even without the dlc.

WildArmed5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Hmm i think I'll be picking up the PC version of them..
I always love moding/hacking away on GTA games..

On a sidenote:
and another unfortunate incident happens..
My 360 just died on me.. >.> I'd been waiting to pick up mass effect 2 all week long.. and it doesn't matter anymore :(
went to pick up my preoder awhile ago..
i wonder if i can turn my 360 copy in for a PC version? (unfortunately the game is unsealed.... )

TheHater5283d ago

I am expect Mass Effect to be announce for the PS3 within 6 months. I was one of those people that thought this was never coming to the PS3 because MS paid $50 million dollars for it. Honestly WTF. I will not be surprise at any xbox 360 exclusive jumping ship to the PS3 also.

Fanb0y5283d ago

Wow, Microsoft blows. 50 Million invested and they can't keep an exclusive. I guess it's all about the profit, right? Once they're done making their money, ditch it.

Persistantthug5283d ago

I was wondering if you could spare 50 million dollars....

I'd be so grateful. :)

SilentNegotiator5283d ago

I don't even know what MS is thinking anymore.
How can you pay 50 million for a TIMED exclusive?

4 months exclusivity on the second episode. Essentially, $25 million smackers for 4 months of exclusivity?

Immortal Kaim5283d ago

Good news for PS3 only owners.

Guys are can't believe you just blindly follow others assertions that it was $50mil for exclusive content? It was always loan (as described countless times by Take-Two execs), MS lost nothing on the deal, in-fact that took away the risk of millions of ppl flocking to the PS3 to buy GTA, a smart move no?

Anyway, this guy sums up the deal fairly well. I suggest you have a read.

nix5283d ago


GTAIV sucked!!! big time! i didn't even bother to finish the game. and i never will touch it again. has left a bad taste.

i hope Agent and L.A. Noire isn't like the latest GTA.

badz1495283d ago

after all they paid $50m for these DLCs!

40cal5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Really? Microsoft paid 50 million for timed exclusiveness? Gay Tony came out a few months ago.

Still I have my eyes on R* this year, like Red Dead Redemption will be day one for me and I have high hopes for L.A. Noire and AGENT.

blue7xx75283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Wow I thought the rumors were fake. MS really is stupid I love my xbox 360 but come on seriously $50 million for a timed exclusive DLC is just dumb with that money they could have made atleast 4 AAA exclusive games or open up new studios like Sony does. But great news for PS3 and PC gamers they should definitely buy these episodes they are the best DLC ever made especially if you loved GTA4.

Immortal Kaim5283d ago

Umm guys, did you not read my post just above. I suggest doing some research before making an ar*e out of yourself...

ThanatosDMC5283d ago

GTA4 on consoles still looks like a unpolished turd compared to the PC version. Also, this expansion is very old. It's sad people are gonna buy this for that price. $9.99 sounds better.

Pika-pie5283d ago

You do know you dont need the original version of the game to play Episodes boxed copy right?

presto7175283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Dont you? Too bad this one isn't anymore.

TheDeadMetalhead5283d ago

I'm glad I only rented the 360 version, then.

Venatus-Deus5283d ago

I read it and it’s basically a blog in IGN of a guy who has pieced together quotes from different sources, used Wiki to understand the definitions of the terminology of the “quotes” used in these sources and then come to a conclusion. The sources are from seekingalpha and 2opgaming. The only good source he used was the NYtimes and that article doesn’t actually back up his claim.

So what you basically have done is call everybody an a**e because you have found a blog that uses the quotes of other blogs to conclude that you are right.

Good work fella!