Saturday deals feature several downloadable GTA games and more

New Amazon Saturday deals feature several downloadable GTA games on PlayStation 3 for as low as $2.49. There are also other titles on sale for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Vita systems.

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WizzroSupreme2923d ago

Vice City has to be the best old-school GTA right behind San Andreas. A shame an HD Miami is such a far-flung dream.

spacedelete2923d ago

Vice City is awful. i played it a few weeks ago. its not even a good GTA game nevermind the best.

2923d ago
PoSTedUP2923d ago

uhh guys.. GTAIII, Hello??? you know, the Best one?

FlyingFoxy2922d ago

I personally wouldn't call III anywhere near the best, in fact i think it's the worst for these reasons, the car acceleration & top speed is way off, mute main character, hardly any humor compared to VC & SA.. and the city, it's kind of boring. I think GTA IV is better than III, but for fun VC and SA are best, the stories games were good too with VCS being the best of the both, i can't speak about V because i haven't played it.

PoSTedUP2922d ago

it was a head of its time, im attached to it. and gtaIII had plenty of humor in the story, tommy vercettie* and CJ said annoying things that werent funny, gtaIII character made it more believable that he was a cood blooded killer, not some cornball who tried to hard to be funny.

gtaIV was horrible and one of the worst ones. i like the driving and graphics and online tho. i just cant go back to it.