STP: iPad Games Hands-On Preview

STP writes: "The first game we loaded up was Scrabble by EA, because we wanted to put our "virtual board game" theory we discussed on last week's podcast to the test. Scrabble on an iPad works extremely well, with tiles sliding onto the board quickly and accurately. With the larger screen, you can put the device in front of you to play with a friend instead of passing it back and forth."

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bunfighterii3405d ago

it looks really clunky and unresponsive to play that particular game, like you don't know how to hold it...

Cutter203405d ago

I agree. In the video it gets put down on the table at one point. Until they start making games and control schemes specifically for it, some games will be clunky.

Pargon3405d ago

One area I think the iPad could really do well in is multi-player gaming. And I don't necessarily mean over wifi, I mean multiple players on one device. Think about how well it could do something traditional, like a chess board or table hockey type game. Those are some of the first thoughts I had when I tried to consider the gaming implications of the iPad.

spall033405d ago

that's a great point. augmented tabletop gaming could be hella fun on the iPad!

mrthedge3405d ago

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see if any developers can come up with a workable control scheme for FPS gaming. Dual stick might work...