Gravity Crash Makes Impact on PSP

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The colorful, retro-styled Gravity Crash hit the PlayStation 3 last year via the PSN. We instantly fell in love with its heart-pumping soundtrack and neon-infused visuals. Developer Just Add Water has just revealed the game for the first time on the PSP. Who says you can't fall in love twice?"

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DoucheVader3190d ago

Looks like the PSP is the new home for all the great PSN games.

user94220773190d ago

awesome, will be getting this

Handhelds_FTW3189d ago

Make sure you keep on eye on, Eclosion. No release date has been giving.

Cutting-edge 3D graphics
Over 40 levels spread across 10 different environments
Over 20 upgradeable weapons
Over 50 different enemy types
Upgradeable ships
Online player statistics
Unlockable bonus levels
Over 90 minutes of modern and retro fusion music
Co-op Single Player

MetalGearRising3189d ago

I wonder if my psp emulator can play this game. I'll guess i'll wait until someone puts it out on torrent.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3189d ago

Finished it last week. LOVED the Old-Skool music to!!! ;-P

Looks cool on PSP;)