StarCraft 2 Beta Closing In (Again)

Talk of StarCraft 2 beta starting has emerged once again. What we know for sure is that SOMETHING is cooking inside Blizzard HQ, and it's related to the StarCraft 2 Beta.

Will Blizzard abandon the plans and delay a third time, or is this the real deal?

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Leord3238d ago

Well, they say the third time is the charm!

Cogo3238d ago

@ Leord:

However, sayings rarely correspond to reality, at least when sayings benefits one self :P

Leord3238d ago

True, but you're not supposed to say that. The whole reason we have these sayings is for ourselves to feel better about things, and that is exactly what we need at the moment!

Sarcasm3238d ago

People say they're sick of waiting for GT5, we'll I'm sick of waiting for Starcraft 2.

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player_729853238d ago

I'm super excited, I really want the Beta to be close, all this info pouring in is overwhelming!

Cogo3238d ago

I'm unfortunately one of the jaded guys :(

sh8kes3238d ago

i dont mind the wait, i want it to be a complete and perfect game, if that takes some extra time, its fine by me.

Leord3238d ago

I know what you mean, and after two "duds" I think most fans are QUITE jaded by now.

Also, there's been like a ton of hoaxes to make things worse.

UIOP3238d ago

I don't mind waiting, if that means a more policed editor or more units and doodads to play with in the editor. Game balance is less important to me, they will need to tweak that post-release anyhow.

Every fan longs for SC2 in one way or another :)

Maticus3238d ago

I'd like to see some hard proof before banking on it again.

Fyzzu3238d ago

That, or it's just that they're continuing to work towards it. I don't think these actions signal that it's imminent - it's something that would have to be done before the start of the beta anyway, whether a long time before or right before. All that can be said is "as time goes on, we're getting closer to the beta," and that's just simple fact anyway and is totally unrelated to anything that goes on.

Cogo3238d ago

Sadly, this could be the truth...

It's kinda tickling they specifically are setting deadlines for the beta lists however!

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The story is too old to be commented.