Cities XL exists no more "Monte Cristo has just announced that they decided to put an end to the Planet Offer in Cities XL as of March 8th 2010. It will no longer be possible to subscribe to the game starting Monday February 1st 2010."

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tdrules3402d ago


seriously I was in the Beta in August and it was a TERRIBLE game, but still, 6 months and it goes down.

Corrwin3402d ago

It was a great idea, but even the Sims Online had to be pulled eventually. Really not something that works too well online since micromanagers don't often co-exist in peace.

Might work better in a traditional offline-game, with online cities uploaded to a central server to be downloaded (like Little Big Planet, e.g.)

StarScream4Ever3402d ago

It could've been the best city sim since Sim City 3000. Instead the subscription based online play killed it. Hopefully the next developers or Maxis can built a better game from this disappointment.

Yi-Long3401d ago

... I was very interested in this game, most footage looked amazing (apart from the 3d people in there walking around), but like you said, all the crap began about playing online, with other, paying, etc etc...

... and I said: 'forget about that BS. I'll stick with Sim City 4!'.

I just want a good citybuilder game that I can enjoy on my own and without having to shell out extra money to get the most out of it. Very simple. Too bad this developer got greedy. Ah well.

steve30x3401d ago

I hope this means that it will be possible to play the game without having to login to a server then. Thats the only thing that put me off buying the game.

lucifon3401d ago

What! This completely sucks. I was a big fan of the game but only subbed for one month after launch because of other gaming commitments at the time but planned to return soon.

What irritates me about this is the fact they have given up so quickly. Why not half the sub cost - this could lead to triple the amount of subscribers. They should try other methods to work it out rather than simply outright can it. A ton of work must have gone into that portion of the game, to just remove it outright sucks...

lucifon3401d ago

Ah just read that they're planning to take a kind of micro-transaction style plan, where you purchase themed expansion packs. Thats a good idea. Also they plan to release CitiesXL 2011 sometime soon which sounds like a re-imagining of what they tried to achieve in the Planet Mode such as trading and whatnot. Great stuff :)

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