PlayStation Vice-President of Epic Footage Kevin Butler: An Appreciation

TechLand: This post was supposed to be about MAG, the ambitiously-huge 256-player first-person shooter that came out today. But after watching the commercial for it, I realized I first needed to give props to the sardonic genius known as Kevin Butler. Generally, he's the spokesperson you see in all of the PlayStation 3 commercials.

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WildArmed3189d ago

after he got owned in the first ad, no wonder they are giving his FPS position away..

jk :)
We all wuvs you Kevin Butler :)

toaster3189d ago

"Son of a - MAG!"

LOL Kevin Butler is awesome.


Sony finally got on the ball with the advertising,

funny stuff, keep it up

RememberThe3573189d ago

They're actually getting better! I didn't think that was possible.

nix3189d ago

MLB commercials were classic. q:

ShinnokDrako3189d ago

Those ads are simply GREAT!!
They make me smile all the time ;))

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