No Child Left Behind

In an episode that either proves my five-year-old son is really awesome, or that I should have Child Protective Services called on me, he and I had a lengthy conversation about his favorite Infected in Left4Dead 2. To clarify, he doesn't have a favorite zombie because he watches me play. He has a favorite because he kicks ass at Left4Dead 2. I'm not saying that he's good enough to jump online and help his teammates, though that would be amazing, but he and my other two sons – his older brothers (7 and 8) – can make it through all of the campaigns. Here's the gist of the conversation:

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wondroushippo3407d ago

That's like strangely adorable.

I don't think I'd have a problem with a kid playing a zombie game - especially if they know the difference between fantasy and reality and how to act properly.

roblef3407d ago

It's more about the hacking and slashing and gratuitous bloodletting. Also, it freaks my kids out like any good gory horror movie.

bgrundman3407d ago

I love the kids perspective on something that is inherently pretty heinous. This is an amusing read.

starven3407d ago

I can't wait till I can corrupt my kids!