Gaming Shogun: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

GS writes: "The big problem with The 40th Day is its lack of story. Salem and Rios are in Shanghai when everything goes wrong. The whole city is blown to smithereens by a madman. That is pretty much the extent of the story. I suppose that the game is focusing more on the action but you really have no idea why you are there and why this horrible situation is happening. As you move throughout the game you can collect radios which fill in the gaps a bit but still leave you sitting and wondering 'Why am I doing this?' If you are looking for an epic tale to be a part of then this game is probably not for you. The story just seemed too short and I played through the entire single player experience in about four hours. The game doesn't feel rushed at all, it just doesn't have a lot of meat to it."

The Good: Improved partner AI and lots of weapon customization
The Bad: Clunky camera and lack of story

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