Go!Cast Episode # 37 - The One with all the Hype

Mario and Mike discuss their extreme anticipation for the release of Mass Effect 2, which Mario thinks is his most hyped game ever. Mario then explains his disappointment with Halo 3's multiplayer, sending Mike on a defensive rant.

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RaymondM3404d ago

I dont know if I agree with mario on this one. The four player co-op multi player was the best part of Halo 3

Go Gaming Giant3404d ago

Mass Effect 2 is hyped up, but definitely not the most hyped ever. I'll give that title to MW2.

thegreatest78843404d ago

Although ME2 was certainly hyped a little much, it truly is magnificent and completely changed my opinion on BioWare's ability to make a game. I didn't like Mass Effect 1 and Dragon Age was ok but not amazing, but ME2 truly has blown me away. Also, MW2 was the biggest fail I've seen, even bigger than Too Human, which as I recall was supposed to be the best game ever.

Mario Mergola3401d ago

I definitely don't think Mass Effect 2 was the most hyped. I was referring to MY hype. Mass Effect 2 might have been MY most hyped game ever. Generally speaking, I also agree that Modern Warfare 2 probably holds that distinction.

Murgatroyd73404d ago

Haven't listened yet, but it just finished downloading, so I'm gonna start it up.

LukeA3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I don't think ME2 is the most hyped ever, ODST was flogged in the lead up to the release.

Mario Mergola3401d ago

Yea, I did not mean that ME2 was the most hyped game ever, it was just the game I was anticipating more than any other.