Sony: Heavy Rain Will Require Multiple Playthroughs

Heavy Rain is all about choice. To get the most out of the game, when it arrives next month, you're going to need to play through the story (which takes about eight hours) more than just once – and you'll not only be experiencing the way the story can lead you given the decisions you make, but you'll also unlock different Trophies depending on your actions.

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DarkTower8053400d ago

As for me I know my first playthrough will be taking the "righteous" path, but on the second playthrough I'm going the evil route lol.

Ahh, I can't wait.

TheHater3400d ago

Because it clear you have not been following this game. Heavy Rain don't have a good or evil path you can follow. Its all out your action and their affect on the world around you. If a character dies, the story continues without a "death screen."

Daver3400d ago

TheHater is right lol theres no 'evil' or 'good' path.

Lifendz3400d ago

me playing it several times and then me making people that don't regularly play games play it to see that games are more than they ever thought they are.

Really hope the game is good. I'd hate for it to turn out bad. If that happens we might not see another game like this (i.e. catered to an adult/mature crowd) for a long long time.

creeping judas3400d ago

I thought Cage only wanted you to play thru once, as a second play thru would ruin the experience. I can't remember why?

I most certainly am going to play thru at least twice.

Lifendz3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Much the same way a director might say something like you should only watch my film once and then reflect on what you saw and what you want to believe happened.

The really artsy types with the artsy vision will make outlandish statements like that because their vision is to not have their game tainted or trivialized through repeated play throughs. I imagine Cage is saying he wants the player to get to the scene where the player, for example, confronts the killer and decides whether to (making this up by the way) save himself or sacrifice himself for the life of another to have a lasting impact that isn't minimized by doing the game again but for trophies.

That said I'm going to play it once or twice to experience it as an interactive movie and then play it again to make choices I wouldn't make were I playing seriously just to see the outcome (and maybe even get trohpies).

Slient Knight 93400d ago

i wonder how long each character story is, looking forward to this game