No Motion Control For God Of War III

NowGamer: Santa Monica Studios' Stig Asmussen has confirmed that God Of War III will not be getting motion controller features

"You won't be seeing that," Asmussen said of motion control for Kratos' upcoming adventure. "That would, in my opinion, be messing with something that doesn't need to be messed with. I think motion control demands games made with motion control in mind and God of War is designed for the PS3 (or PS2) controller."

Although Asmussen describes the notion of controlling Kratos and his arsenal of outrageous moves with your arms as "kinda silly" the producer admitted that it was an idea the studio considered...

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WildArmed3407d ago

But I wouldn't mind the 3D feature.. (though I won't use it, I have a few friend's that will.. and i really wanna see GOW3 in 3D)

Guido3406d ago

Hardcore games like this don't need that silly motion control stuff. Leave that for the more soft core games like Mario and Halo.

Gothdom3406d ago

Thank you God... of War!

A Cupcake for Gabe3406d ago

yeah 3D would be neat. Show that depth since the environments are massive. Plus it would be cool to see bodies and blood come flying out of the screen

Crimsonite3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

They are right.Even if they did implement it, it would waste development time meaning we might end up with a less polished product or a delayed product.I'm more interested on finishing the epic storyline of GOW than I am interested in having motion controls in it. Though if they decided to implement it later via a patch I wouldn't mind/care.

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Roper3163407d ago

thank you Santa Monica Studios for not forcing something into GOW III that is totally not needed and in my case not wanted at all in any game.

sinncross3406d ago

I'm 50/ 50 on this.

Some of you are acting as if Santa Monica would make GOW3 purely motion controlled based.
I honestly do not see it as a problem to patch the game at a later stage to support the motion controls.

At least this way traditional gamers can use the standard controller, while others use the motion controller.

That said, I would love to see Santa Monica make a GOW-esque quality title for the motion controls. That could be interesting.

FishCake9T43407d ago

Sixaxis was Sony's biggest faliure in my opinion.

Hellsvacancy3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Y is it a failure? its just an added extra, how pointless would Flower b with-out it?

I will admit, Killzone 2 had VERY poor use of the sixaxis (im talkin about when u turn a valves)

Edit below. 4-got bout the Sniper (how could i)

Raf1k13407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The failure is in the devs not utilising it properly. Sixaxis has proven to be good when devs take time to use it properly and that's if they decide to use it at all.

KZ2, Folklore, Heavenly Sword and Ratchet & Clank use it very well and make it fun. It's pretty obvious that third party devs are the ones that aren't interested in it as it's only on the PS3 and may feel that the extra effort for about half their audience isn't worth it. If it was on 360 too we'd see more games using it.

edit: KZ2's sixaxis sniper control was probably the best use of it in the game but using it for turning wheels wasn't bad.

WildArmed3407d ago

I disagree. inFAMOUS, heavenly sword, flow, Flower, Killzone 2, HIGH velocity bowling, are just SOME games that use Sixaxis controls extremely well. And the games could have been very different w/o em

Dnied3406d ago

but I actually think Socom Confrontation makes pretty neat use of it as well (peaking etc)


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Myst3407d ago

Aww, should have tacked on some waggle action :P ( joking )

Though that's good, if the developers don't or rather can't find a reason to put it in the game, then leave it out. Thankfully they have gone with leaving it out.

Redempteur3406d ago

sixaxis controls during the sex mini game ( there need to be one in this game too ) would rock !!

but otherwise i don't want it ...

The gaming GOD3407d ago

Just because motion control will be available doesn't mean it should be used in every game.

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