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Mass Effect 2 is much more than a game. It's an ominous sci-fi-mystery-action-epic that continues to provide thrilling moments around every bend. Never letting up for even a moment – well, unless you consider the hot and sexy romances – Mass Effect 2 is a fast-paced role-playing shooter that lasts, on average, more than 20 hours and offers multiple playthroughs with a large cast of critical choices to make for the fate of mankind.

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Caspel3239d ago

Mass Effect 2 is GOTY of 2010 -- I can guarantee that.

Two-Face3239d ago

How can you say that? We are only in January. There is tons of games to be released throughout the year.

God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
Halo: Reach
Alan Wake
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Final Fantasy XIII
Dead Space 2(Maybe it's not coming this year)
Batman: Arkham Asylum 2(Maybe it's not coming this year)

colonel1793239d ago

Don't be so sure. There are a lot of AAA games this year and the competition for GOTY is going to be tough.

If I got to choose GOTY basing on the games coming until March, I would choose God of War 3. Who knows what's coming the rest of the year. This will be an awesome year for gamers

Caspel3239d ago

God of War 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are the only real contenders in my mind.

Caspel3239d ago

you have no idea what Zelda will look like, how it will play or when it releases. Might as well say Gears of War 3 is its competition.

Perjoss3239d ago

a driving game as GOTY? i really don't think so, specially not a 'sim'. The truth is most people will find GT5 boring.

NeoBasch3239d ago

I'm just going to guess for the sake of it.

2010 GotY Nominees:

Dead Space 2 (in place of TLG if it doesn't come out)
God of War III
Heavy Rain
The Last Guardian (if it comes out this year)
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell: Conviction

Other games that have a strong chance: Alan Wake, Bayonetta, BioShock 2, Dante's Inferno, Medal of Honor, Resistance 3 (if they improve on both predecessors tremendously), and Super Mario Galaxy 2

Caspel3239d ago

there's no chance that GT5 wins GOTY. I have yet to see a racing game win an unanimous GOTY from the press and I don't think GT5 will be the first.

marsher3239d ago

at the VERY LEAST rpg of the year.

athmaus3238d ago

i agree this is a great game, i hate being at work right now cuase i wanna continue playing

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dizzylady3239d ago

This looks like a great game and fun to play. Would love to add this to my collection. Thanks!

ilRadd3239d ago

I seriously cannot wait to play this game! My nephew keeps rubbing it in that he is playing right now, while I am stuck in work...

BossKamikaze3239d ago

So can't wait till I get my collectors edition Friday


SynGamer3239d ago

I bought this last night and decided to keep it (the CE). Looking forward to playing soon. GZ

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The story is too old to be commented.