Phanstasy Star Universe Servers Shutting Down

Phantasy Star Universe, after three years of players fighting various creates on a distant planet is dis discontinuing its online service. According to Sega the servers will be shut down permanently on the 31st of March, 2010.

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TheROsingleB3278d ago

Does anyone still play this? <.<

Rush3278d ago

I did like 6 months back it was a horrible process to cancel your subscription on the 360. Am sort of glad there going stops any more unfortunate souls having to spend hours on the phone to Microsoft/Sega.

MasterChief36243278d ago

I'm really confused by this article. So Sega is shutting down the servers for Phantasy Star Universe, but the Xbox 360 version will still be online and updated regularly?

Double Toasted3278d ago

is a money making machine, so me thinks Sega wants money...I don't want to here that crap about Sega not getting any money from that and if so...prove it. BTW, the last part of my statement wasn't directed to you specifically...

NexGen3278d ago

Yes, the 360 servers are staying up with no plans of shutdown "anytime soon" according to Sega. The pc/ps2 server (they play together) is what is shutting down. The news was broken about a week ago, both here, as well as on

Blaster_Master3278d ago

I wish they would make phantasy star online instead of universe. PSO combat was alot better IMHO.

Arnon3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Agreed. You can actually play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (Episode 4) for free on PC. There's a guy who is actually hosting dedicated servers, and they're all free to play.

Pretty awesome stuff.

TheObserver3278d ago

I played this on PC, fun while it lasted but not enough depth to the game to keep you playing for a long time. I would say its hack and slash online if you need a generalization.