Operation Flashpoint PC Patch Due Tomorrow

Codemasters has announced the next patch for the PC version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be released tomorrow.

It will include a range of multiplayer fixes and the content from the Overwatch DLC pack.

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Leord3408d ago

Multiplayer rules in Operation Flashpoint.

darkmurder3408d ago

Multiplayer will never be fixed, worst shambles of a game launch I've ever seen.

Maticus3408d ago

Good to see the PC gamers get the updates, eventually.

Fyzzu3408d ago

Free DLC included and a load of multiplayer fixes? I'm all for it.

AndyA3408d ago

Shame the console users had to pay for what PC gamers get for free.

Maticus3408d ago

Are you whining over £3?

Yeah.. more like: Shame the PC users had to wait all this time for something the console users got before Christmas.

Corrwin3408d ago

That is actually a very good way of looking at it, pay £3 and get the DLC 4 months earlier than PC.

Though I'd love it if the consoles got the mission editor :(

TheIneffableBob3408d ago

The wait was less than a month.

AndyA3408d ago

lol, yes I am whining over £3! Would just like to see parity between the platforms.

Oh, and I second that request for the mission editor on consoles. It would be amazing and would extend the lifespan of the game hugely.

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