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jay23405d ago

Dead Rising 2, a gory game that sees players tape together objects to make weapons and then bash, slice, split or bludgeon zombies, was also demonstrated. Capcom said the game would be launched during 2010 but didn't provide any additional details

Oh for beeps sake,that'll be xmas then :(

rekonizakilla3405d ago

How many of these are actuall exclusives?

Double Toasted3405d ago

What does your comment have to do with anything pertaining to this article?

rekonizakilla3405d ago

Because dead rising was one of the few games this gen that made me want to own a 360. I don't like the idea of spending money on a console for one game, but I might if dr2 is exclusive to 360

jay23405d ago

It's not exclusive, it's coming to PS3 and PC as well (on the same day at this point).....

ThanatosDMC3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

MHF will be great for those who love co-op but dont expect great graphics since Frontier looks like a PS2 pre-FFX game. It's a game you'll be drooling for more just hope they Capcom doesnt add a pay and play.

Dead Rising 1 was one of the best games ever. Dead Rising 2 cant do anything wrong... hopefully. I bought a 360 for DR1. If it does come to the PC, i might get it on Steam for modding and what not.

LP2 will be awesome if they seriously have a ton of missions, a ton of huge bosses not just 20 or 30 or 40 since that'll go by fast in 4-player co-op.

Street Fighter sucks. Tekken owns all fighting games.

BX813405d ago

@rekonisakilla "Because dead rising was one of the few games this gen that made me want to own a 360. I don't like the idea of spending money on a console for one game"

Ok? Which is it? A few games or just one game that makes you want to buy a 360?

lowcarb3405d ago

Deadrising 2 would of been an excellent 360 exclusive. Capcom really destroyed any chance of the game doing good. 10 bucks says it ends up getting gimped in order to give ps3 a close looking version.

Bnet3433405d ago

It doesn't matter if it's exclusive or not. What matters is it's being made by a western developer, so I have no hopes for this game being good. We're probably going to get another dud like Bionic Commando.

bjornbear3405d ago

consider yourself reported as "Wrong" =)

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Tesselation 3603405d ago

This year Microsoft is going to destroy and lay the dust on all the competition. The money is roolllliinng.

grumpysmurf3405d ago

Sony has pretty much ALL of the exclusives. Project Natal will most likely fail.

stonecold13405d ago

final fantasy 13 and final fantasy vs 13 god of war 3 all say hi

Pen Pooh3405d ago

I thought FF 13 was going multi-format?

Hellsvacancy3405d ago

"This year Microsoft is going to destroy and lay the dust on all the competition"

Wot wid Monster Hunter HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Two-Face3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is sitting at 97 on metacritic. And i'm assure that it is going to be above 95 when all reviews are in.

So that means Xbox 360 has already a AAA title this year. Where is your AAA title? MAG? Lol.

Also... bayonetta multiplatform, superior on 360.

agent0273405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Suuuure it will. /s

Oh and Flop-Face, it still sold more on the PS3. LULZ.

butterfinger3405d ago

You're going to start getting excited about ME2's metacritic score with only 27 reviews in? I'd wait until has at least 100 reviews like Uncharted 2 does. I remember when Modern Warfare 2 had a 97 metacritic score for a while. lol. Also, how stupid do you feel talking about AAA exclusives when you know how pathetic the 360 lineup was last year? I'd give it a little time before you start humping MS exclusives again... especially ones that are most likely going multiplat AGAIN.

Hellsvacancy3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

U come back at me wid MAG, MAG 4-fu<k sake, i wont b buyin it so i dont care if it fails

Oh i 4-got, u mentioned Bayonetta, another game that doesnt interest me AT ALL

And the BIGGEST multiplat of the DECADE is Final Fantasy 13 (yet ANOTHER game that doesnt intersest me) and we all know which platform has the better version (it cummin on 1 single disk is a good start)

Yes i said it "i HATE all those games"

butterfinger3404d ago

only 44 reviews in and already down to a 96. Just 60 more reviews to go! lmao.

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grumpysmurf3405d ago

Does anyone else hate genre-crossing characters (not to be confused with gender-crossing characters)? The worst was probably Darth Vader in Soul Calibre III. That was just rubbish.

GameOn3405d ago

You hate Smash Bro's utterly and completely then?

grumpysmurf3405d ago

Point taken. But that's an obvious gimmick/party game. I'm talking about games with a serious setting or storyline, like Lost Planet.

ZoidsRaven3405d ago

Smash = gimmick????????
Hey man, I'm feeling kinda down today. Can I have some of the stuff you're on? It'll probably make me feel much better. 7_7

I get your point about Darth Vader, but not many cross-over games are like. Take "Marvel V.S. Capcom 2".

By the way, Smash is played too competitively to be just a party game. 7_7

Gr813405d ago

He called Smash Brothers a "gimmicky party game" HAHA! You call yourself a gamer? Oh man.

xabmol3405d ago

Smash Bros. is a gimmicky party game. It's like 3 steps below those PS2 DBZ Budokai games imho. There is what, 5-6 attacks per char? lol

likedamaster3405d ago

"...serious setting or storyline, like Lost Planet."

Since when has Gears NOT had a "serious setting or storyline"?

grumpysmurf3405d ago

You're missing my point. Both GoW and Lost Planet have serious storylines. Combining its characters into one game is therefore a bit stupid. It'd be like if Jack Bauer from 24 showed up in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Gr813404d ago

LoL! Whatta loser. A gimmicky game would be something like say Heavy Rain..have fun virtually brushing your teeth, or virtually reading a book. Because if you call Smash Bros a gimmicky game you must virtually not have any brains!

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Penno3405d ago

Actually, I think 2010 will be a great year for *every* platform, including the Apple tablet.

Penno3405d ago

As long as it's just a bonus skin/avatar and not connected to the story, who cares?

grumpysmurf3405d ago

It's the principle of the thing. It's like when George Lucas added slapstick robots and farting monsters into the background of Star Wars. It cheapens the mythos.

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