GamesLatest: Microsoft x Capcom announcements galore

In today's press conference, Microsoft announced that they'll be bringing out Capcom's massive hit series Monster Hunter on the X360. Monster Hunter Frontier was originally a PC game launched in 2007 with a heavy MMOesque emphasis on gameplay where 4 hunters (aka players) unite in order to take down huge monsters (aka bosses).

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Montrealien3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Monster Hunter on the 360? that`s pretty big news right there. For Japan 360 owners anyways.

3186d ago
Montrealien3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

heater? come on, that`s so 2007.

I`m guessing this is the account that is not banned from the gamerzone? Is it me, or are the N4G anonymous trolls getting stale, no new material.

Kamikaze1353186d ago

It's already been out since 2007 on the PC.

deshon093186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

but this deal is fail you have to buy a 60 $ game and have to pay 15 bucks a mouth
i don't care what system you have paying for a game after u pay for it is a rip off

Myst3186d ago

How so? Sometimes it helps pay for other things such as server maintenance, technical staff, etc. Monster Hunter Frontier on PC in Japan is pay to play it's no different here, but if I remember it's hooked in with Live. So if I bought gold, I'd also be paying for Frontier which in my opinion is cool in a way even though I have no use for gold.

So most of all depending on what the costs are being used for it can be a good thing. Monster Hunter frontier, has a big update almost every month, at least it did last year or so. Weapons tweaked ( balanced ), new monsters and even events so it's not so bad. Though I will agree with you that some games that make you pay shouldn't because nothing gets done to them for the longest until a lot of complaints are filed.

colonel1793186d ago

no exclusives any more...

yeah right!

I hope Monster Hunter 4 comes to the PS3

Godmars2903186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I'd like to see Monster "Tamer" or "Trainer." Give people the option of being able to capture as well as kill. Turn them into mounts to hunt even bigger monsters.

Step up the game CAPCOM. Don't just keep redoing it.

[email protected]:
Yes D4RkNIKON: I want a Pokemon that can be used as riding and flying mounts that you have to worry about eating you if you mistreat them.

I want AI pets you can use in virtual environments, not battle props you keep in balls.

Imagine a mission where you have to wrangle a heard of creatures for a meat vender that in turns is part of a process that turns a small village on the boarder into a proper city. Having to tame a wyvern in order to hunt a dragon that's always high in the sky or nesting atop a mountain.

D4RkNIKON3186d ago

lol godmars wants a pokemon game for teh hardcore.

Bnet3433186d ago

Monster Hunter Online was never an exclusive. It is on PC. Also, they already made an exclusive on the Wii called Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

KratoOwnsAll3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Yay, a 3 years old PC port with monthly payment. ;)

Montrealien3186d ago

I agree, its like having a 5 year old game with better graphics.

Alcon Caper3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

one thing we all must remember:

ستؤمن لهم الكثير من الحشود الإضافية. أما فيما سيكون لهذه الخطوة تأثير على السوق اليابانية ولو من الجانب الدعائي لمايكروسوفت، أو فيما إذا كنا سنحصل على هذه اللعبة خارج السوق اليابانية، فلم يتم إعلان ذلك بعد، غير أنه ونظراً للنجاح الذ360 أحرزته على ، فيبدو أن ذلك سيكون وارداُ بشكل كبير.

militant073186d ago

did you understand that?
It mean that due to its popularity its undoubtly will come to the west.

JOLLY13186d ago

Yeah, what Alcon said...

Alcon Caper3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

my arabic is rough, but i think it says that God of War 3 is coming to the 360...

militant073186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

no not at all, its talking about Monsters Hunger and due its popularity in japan its highly expected to be also released on the west due to the 360 success thier.

and this wasnt written by arabic guy it was translated using google translate, thats why its not clear

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