Monster Hunter Frontier (360) Website Live + Video

The website for the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Frontier Online for 360 scheduled to launch in Summer 2010.

To watch the video wait until intro is done, click on the picture to the right with the arrow and click on it once the page is done loading. If lazy here's link.

2 Minute Video:

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Droid Smasha3401d ago

its not like capcom has any other options

OmarJA-N4G3401d ago


Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XIV
The Agency
D.C. Universe Online

Even the PS2 got more MMO games... :)

Go back to trolling school you fail. :)

Arnon3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )


Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV both have servers that connect with the PS2/PS3 and PC versions of the game. Should I even mention that Final Fantasy XI is on the 360? :/

Monster Hunter Frontier Online has separate servers.

The two big MMOs that I want now:

Final Fantasy XIV Online
Monster Hunter Frontier Online

-MD-3400d ago

You think MAG is an MMO? Lol.

baker_boi3400d ago

Yall forget that the PS3 has I think about 4 MMOs in japan?

Angel Love Online and its better Sequel

Dynasty Warriors Online

And that Pirate/Exploration game by Namco

And soon to be FFXIV all of which work with the PC version servers.

It has nothing to do with hardware on this. Capcom and M$ have made some big deal money contracts. And they still haven't revealed the game they're workin on for natal.

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ActionBastard3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

This just feels like there's some suit behind a table saying "Try Blue Dragon...Didn't work? Try Eternal Sonata...Didn't work? Try Tales of Vesperia...Didn't work?...Try Star Ocean 4...Didn't work? Try Infinite Undiscovery...Did't work?...Oh! Oh! I know! Try Monster Hunter..."

EDIT: The same was said about the Xbox Torkith and the 360 hasn't performed much better than it. It's great that they won;t waive the white flag, but the money, energy and resources could be spent on beefing up their 1st party stuff. They are too, too, too 3rd reliant.

Torkith3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I do give credit where it's do though, many companies would probably have backed out for sure by now. Microsoft just keeps going, and it's slowly paying off, Will the 360 sales reach the PS3 and Wii in Japan? no, but it's helping them a lot to set up for the next generation imo.

Rock Bottom3401d ago

For those who does not know this, Monster Hunter Frontier was released on PC back in 2007, in Japan. This isn't a new game, I'm guessing just an HD version as it has the exact same name as the original.

This isn't as big as you people think, and doesn't deserve all the complaints and fanboys cry it's getting.

LukaX233400d ago

Whether or not this game will be good, I personally believe it will fail in terms of sales. If you look at what 360 users are buying now, (Gears of War 2, Halo: ODST and Fable 2 are some good examples) it doesn't seem a game like MH will appeal to the non-hardcore 360 audience (which is a good portion of them).

Foxgod3400d ago

This is aimed at the Japanese market you simpletons, not at the western market.

And all those so called failed games you mention still pulled it off to sell 10 x more 360's then original xbox's.
Also those games outsold a bunch of exclusive ps3 rpg's released in japan only.

Imagine if the next xbox will sell 10 x more then the 360 in Japan.
Thats why MS keeps trying, theres potential to unlock.

SilentNegotiator3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

That's what the whole "Capcom X Microsoft" thing was about? A port? Wow.

It probably won't sell much. I wonder how much Microsoft wasted on exclusivity (To a freaking this time around.

The latest PSP game sold well over 4 million. They'll come crawling back to the Playstation crowd with Monster Hunter, it's only a matter of time.

Noctis Aftermath3400d ago

@above: yeah i was shocked that they announced MH as the Capcom X microsoft game, but then found out later that it is just a port of a old PC game.

My hopes for a PS3 exclusive MH just came back.

ActionBastard3400d ago

It's also $15 per month ON TOP of your Gold Japan.

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Torkith3401d ago

The only thing I'm wondering is that is this coming to North America? We would have to assume so, the game has been on the PC since 2007 in Japan, what would make someone want to buy it on the 360? Chances are people are already playing it on the PC, or they didn't want to play it in the first place.

PC and 360 servers will be separate. It's going to be hard for this to be successful if it turns out to have a $15 a month price tag, however if they make it available to Silver users, that would help.

Arnon3401d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

This is awesome!! I've missed gaming with Monster Hunter on consoles, and have wanted to try out Frontier since I heard about it back in 2007. Check out the video on the website. It looks crazy fun!

I'm so used to looking at the PSP versions, that this actually looks fairly gorgeous for a Monster Hunter game.

[email protected]

"and have wanted to try out Frontier since I heard about it back in 2007." I know it's exclusive to the PC in Japan. That's why I'm hoping for a NA release of this. I've been a major Monster Hunter nut since it released in the US back in 2004, and have followed basically all of their titles.

ZombieAutopsy3400d ago

hope you live in japan if you're wanting to try this as the PC version i believe was in Japanese only and they havent announced an NA or EU version for it yet (although i could see them doing it after the Japan release if its successful)

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