GameSpot: Mass Effect 2 Review

GameSpot writes,
"This is a galaxy you want to explore that is populated with characters you are glad to know. Mass Effect 2 is the kind of game that you return to, not just because it's fun to play multiple times, but also because its universe is a place you wish you could call home."

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mesh13241d ago

gamespot the garabge site that trys to please sonyfanboys no thanks

Michael-Jackson3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Oh LOOK I believe that your trying to compare Uncharted 2 with Mass Effect 2? LMAO, 2 different genres...Oh no 0.5 difference, Cry Moar Pathetic Bot. 9 is considered an A game, Also on PC :) superior version.

Also Uncharted 2 > Mass Effect 2.....

Jerk1203241d ago

Best RPG ever, only on Xbox360.

Doc Sony3241d ago

Shut Up, its on PC as well. Definitive version.

blitz06233241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

So you're saying you aren't pleased with a 9/10? Maybe you're the 360 fanboy.

Oh wait... you are. You have a post in the Open Zone on every ME2 review. Good job bashing a 9/10 review instead of appreciating it fanboy

Xwow20083241d ago

can,t wait to play it on my pc :)

evrfighter3241d ago

great score

will I see ME2 ads on gamespot's site?

I don't know I don't visit gamespot anymore

baum3241d ago

Considering who they usually align with

Chaos Striker3241d ago

I hope you don't mean the PS3, because it has quite a few 10/10's from them. :o

Get over it.

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