Open World RPGs: Keep It Simple Stupid

GamingOwl writes:

Please remember that games are supposed to be fun! Keeping of your radiation and detoxifying yourself when it get too high isn't fun. Having malaria and having to pop a pill every now and then isn't fun. Losing a fight not because you lack skill as a player but because your characters lacks the necessary skill points isn't fun either. Killing a bunch of sheep over and over until you finally get those skill points isn't fun. Playing the role of the messenger and running back and forth from one person to another isn't fun in real life, and it's definitely not fun in a videogame. Using Excel to sort through 500 different swords with slightly different stats isn't fun. Not being able to open a door because your nose picking skill isn't high enough isn't fun either.

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exnihilonihilfit3188d ago

Games aren't always purely about fun for the sake of fun. They're about challenges for the sake of fun. What he seems to be proposing is that games all become cakewalks where you run around and shoot stuff with virtually no consequences. Dying isn't fun, but if you didn't have the prospect of dying in a game, then there would be no sense of accomplishment. The real bottom line here though is that if you don't like that style of gameplay, then don't buy that style of game. If radiation levels weren't an aspect of fallout then you'd lose a serious part of the atmosphere. Playing the messenger too often can indeed be boring, but usually it's not like you walk from point a to point b and back again, you have to overcome some obstacles to do it, explore some fascinating new area and there's a pay off for succeeding.

This guy just doesn't like RPGs is what it come down to, and if you don't like them, you really have no business talking about them. They're not made for you. What RPG fan complains about having Dialogue options. If anything the problem isn't too many dialogue options, its too few, and not enough that have serious consequences down the line. Maybe you won't want to get into NPC's good graces, maybe you don't want to know their life stories, but I do, and so do the people who play these games. Variation in dialogue is instrumental in adding to re-playability because it allows for the development of a unique story.

This guy just goes on a rant about what he doesn't care about, well other people do care about those things, and those same people don't care about what you have to say. Go back to playing MW2 and stay away from ME2, plain and simple.

sandwiches3172d ago

I agree with you entirely. It all boils down to him not liking RPGs and trying to change them into what sounds like action or shooter games.

It's like someone saying: "I love hamburgers but they shouldn't have lettuce, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, buns, and the meat should not be ground." Then, you don't like hamburgers, sir; You like steaks. So, go get a steak and stop trying to change how everyone gets their burgers.

VileAndVicious3187d ago

This guy goes on a rant about how overly complicated rpg's have become? Why should an Rpg or ANY GAME for that matter be linear and not give you choice? Perhaps he gets his kicks from a game holding your hand or simplifying things but I (and Im sure many of my fellow gamers do not)

Damnit!!! I want to decide whether or not wear a ring that gives me +5 dexterity or ring that gives me +2 will power!!! I believe the great appeal to games such as Oblivion, Fall out, Demons Souls or Mass Effect are in the ability to offer the player choice.
And why on EARTH would you compare Ratchet and Clank to an RPG? Last I checked it wasnt an RPG but a different genre entirely. Games dont need to be overly complicated by they also shouldn't be dumbed down

And lastly Mass Effect is an excellent game..but EVERY SINGLE one of his complaints can be found in this game. Item and equipment management can be horrendous at times. Dialogue can go on for hours (which isnt a bad thing). And there are a ludicrous amount of planets to explore so whats his beef? And then he still says " Oh Im gonna buy it."???
Gamers these days..

melkyre3187d ago

I think this guy totally miss the point on RPG.
This writer should at least know what he's talking about. RPG stand for role playing game which means you have to play in that character shoes. This means that the skill you should use is within your brain. So don't write something like
"Losing a fight not because you lack skill as a player but because your characters lacks the necessary skill points isn't fun either".
I keep it simple as you wanted ... go play action games not RPG.