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Matt Burgess says: "You may have noticed the "HD" in the title of the game. Despite the simple nature of the game, Hyperballoid looks beautiful. The backgrounds really add character to each of the 100 levels and even the blocks themselves are varied and finely detailed. Much like a beautifully presented meal, you will always take a moment before you start each level to admire the craftsmanship and you will feel bad for having to destroy it."

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WildArmed3283d ago

the screenshots did make the game look beatiful.. o_O
But not enough to warrant abuy from me

InfectedDK3283d ago

I have it and I must say that it is very slow in gameplay..
It's ok.. 7/10 - 8/10.. But in my oppinion Shatter is better, I think..

FamilyGuy3283d ago

That's all I needed to hear, Shatter was pretty good though I wouldn't buy it twice so this is a no go.