Halo: Reach Developer Commentary

For the last month, we've given you the details on the team at Bungie, their thoughts on ODST, the new team at 343 Industries, and details on Halo's fiction and composer. By now you've got the skinny on the Halo universe and franchise, so it's time for creative director Marcus Lehto to go into detail about Reach's gameplay, characters, and weaponry. Take a look at the video below to hear what he has to say over never-before-seen artwork from the game.

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Bungie3400d ago

wow that was badass

Bungie is going all the way with this game

MGSR THE HD VERSION3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

been waiting on video that explains things in this way. i like developers elaborating on their work, cause i hate throwing many predictions left and right.

I can say that there's no fps on any console which offers a huge battlefield that spans over acres with 40 AI and 20 vehicles....if it meant having this kinda detail for polygon models and textures for characters and weapons.

green3400d ago

i don't think any dev commentary has gotten me soo pumped up before.We all know that Reach will fall but if Bungie can make the player feel during the campaign that somehow they can save the planet by making them care for the world, citizens and squad mates, then Bungie would have delivered a campaign of epic proportions.

ME2 was my most anticipated game of the year but since i get to play it in just a few days, i can comfortably replace it with Halo Reach.

Bungie3400d ago


i think Halo Reach will be the Definitive FPS of this generation

Blaze9293400d ago

Well hell yeah, this is Bungie's last Halo game so of course they gotta be going all the way...they 'better' be going all the way.

Can't wait.

The real killer3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Bungie will take all the effort to make this Halo bigger/nicher and badass. Maybe i will buy this game if Bungie past all of the old halo series.

Bigpappy3400d ago

I am ready to fight for "Reach". Is there some sheet or something I have to sign?

Ghostsmoker3400d ago

Reach could become the new definiton of FPS. They really want to create something special ... the gameplay will be awesome!!

xenogamer3400d ago

they answer all the questions i have in my head, it seems to me they had to bend canon a little bit to add The lone wolf to the team, and the whole existance of spartan 3's in reach, ive kept up with all the games, and read all the books, and spent hours on the halo wiki, so ill be dissapointed if bungie decides "well we cant write ourselfs out of this one so lets start breaking canon and making sh1t up". This is my most anticipated game of 2010, but i really wish they would have made a Halo 4 to send of halo with a bang, i really want to know what happened to the chief.

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Lord_Ranos3400d ago


The real killer3400d ago

This is no hype, this is spoken with care about them game. Nothing more.

Lord_Ranos3400d ago

You'll see what I mean eventually.

THE MAX SPEED 213400d ago

Haha ps3 fanboys are mad cause M.A.G flopped.

Bungie3400d ago


don't even reminds me


256 play LMFAO

The real killer3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I know what you mean believe me, but we have also put more trust in Bungie or give Bungie a chance ;)

I'm not a Halo lover, but halo 1 was very good on the old X-box, since than it's useless and overhype.

If this game will better than Halo 3 than i play this game on the real 360 pure exclusive on my 360.

Give Bungie some trust :)


Don't get nasty little kid

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