No Gears of War sequel at E3, says Epic

"We're still working on the first one," says Mark Rein. Epic VP Mark Rein has said that gamers won't be seeing anything of a Gears of War sequel at E3 next month, responding to yesterday's rumours that a trailer would be shown at Microsoft's pre-E3 event in Santa Monica.

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Hayabusa 1174231d ago

Well, there you go. That's the first one to be debunked.

Rybnik4231d ago

Too Bad...I wonder then, does that mean we will see more new maps?..Maybe a new gametype? Anything would be pretty cool!

progx4231d ago

good for the wallet though, lotta games this year I gotta buy. RE4 for Wii on wednesday woot!

SuperSaiyan44231d ago

Could very well mean a PC version...

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The story is too old to be commented.