Games2C: Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 is the second instalment in what is promised to be a trilogy of games from legendary development outfit BioWare. The title is a sci–fi laced action RPG. You step into the heavily armoured boots of one Commander Shepherd, the main character from the first game who, after dying (in some amazing opening cinematics involving a rapidly deteriorating battle cruiser), is brought back to life to take on a new threat that promises to wipe out humankind.

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green3187d ago

Will be getting my copy on the 29th.

kingdavid3187d ago

Game of the year.

Im sorry, Im sorry, but it is.

BldyShdw3187d ago

Did you mean 360 GOTY?

Dont get me wrong I cannot wait to play this but I would pick others to play first. *I'm looking at you Heavy Rain*

ZombieRollz3187d ago

Sorry, but once Holiday 2010 rolls around, Mass Effect 2 will be but a twinkle in several websites' eyes. It happens to all video games that are released early (Killzone 2 being last year's, Smash Bros. before that). This also applies to the Emmy Awards. What awesome movies come out will be outshined by newer movies. No, these newer movies aren't better than the previous, but since they are newer, critics have a better memory of that movie than the older movies.

That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

JANF3187d ago

@ BldyShdw

"Dont get me wrong I cannot wait to play this but I would pick others to play first. *I'm looking at you Heavy Rain* "

enjoy your movie.

damnightmare3187d ago

Great game

Completely deserves the scores

Best game of the year so far =D

Aquanox3187d ago

9.5+ scores keep coming. This is gonna blow the rankings.

Guido3187d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on it!

BldyShdw3187d ago


if it is just a movie then why are you so hurt that i like it? Perhaps your jealous you cannot play it.

@ damnightmare

So true but with it being only 25 days into the year it has no competition...yet :)

Again though...great score

JANF3187d ago

@ @ BldyShdw

me hurt? dont think so, im just saying i hope you enjoy your movie. ;)

Aquanox3187d ago

Demon's Souls is great, I've played and loved it but Mass Effect 2 is on a league on its own, from the soundtrack to the voice acting, visuals, story and character conception.

The only studio capable of competing with Bioware in terms of western RPGs (and probably RPGs worldwide) is Bethesda, but the experience you get from Mass Effect 2 not even Fallout 3 or Oblivion have matched it in my opinion.

Bioware is currently the king of RPGs and Mass Effect 2 their best product.

damnightmare3187d ago

@1.9- I will enjoy my Heavy Rain, thanks :)

@1.10- I completely agree, this game is completely engrossing. On my second playthrough so far =D

Rockox3187d ago

I totally agree that games that come out earlier in the year have a lesser shot at winning GOTY (just like the Oscars). But who knows, if Bioware releases a steady stream of solid DLC over the year (and especially if people's predictions of the game coming to the PS3 later in the year prove true), that might just be enough to keep ME2 in the public eye long enough to nab GOTY.

Bigpappy3187d ago

It might be a good game, but I don't get that sense of excitement coming from the media. The game also seems to be slow to get into the meat of it. Reviewers may dig it on the gameplay aspect. I think HR will average around 80-87/100 if it is a good game. If the story does not flow well, then it would take a heavy blow, 50-60/100. This type of game relies heavily on the story.

captain-obvious3187d ago

its a great game
m loving it sooooooo much
but i think it got a narrow chance to get GOTY
not because its bad
but its out in the beginning of the year
and they pick up GOTY at the end of the year
by that time there well be alot of games that'll make us forget about it

just like Killzone2

Socrates3187d ago

I think it will win at least a few GOTY awards from some outlets, even though it is coming at the beginning of the year.

Btw why do people keep saying "like Killzone 2"? Even if it would have come out later in the year Killzone 2 still wouldn't have won against competition like Uncharted 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. It scored in the low 90s and there were quite a few detractors.

Mass Effect is the kind of experience that stays with people and for that reason I think it has a better than average shot at being remembered at the end of the year.

Mista T3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

too early to come to conclusions as to what the GOTY will be

Raf1k13187d ago

Yeah Bethesda and Bioware are pretty comparable.

I'd love for both of them to step up their game to the level of Blizzard's fanatical obsession with creating perfect games. Then we'd have more games that people would play for a decade and not get bored.

NewZealander3187d ago

i popped ME1 in for a wee play last night, the first time i played through the game i had it installed to the hard drive because i heard it made the game run better, however last night i did not install it, and wow, it ran like [email protected], i never realized how bad it is when you don't install it, i almost couldn't play it.

good work on the sequel bioware, thats how a true sequel should be done, take the first game and fix all the issues and make it better in every way, i cant wait to get my hands on ME2, my collectors edition is ready and waiting!

baum3187d ago

The first was great to play on 360, but it seems that I'll have to get it for PS3 if rumors are correct

kingdavid3187d ago

hehe, you are probably right mista T. I can just see this being my goty, I'm a sucker for RPGs.

Also FYI bly, I think heavy rain will also be right up there.

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Two-Face3187d ago

Look at these scores. A truly exclusive to be bragging about.

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

A life.... Bragging about a video game u had no part in making... make sense...the U all need a life ...Also Just to make u all mad...IT IS ON PC...and if its on PC is usually better just to let u all know example : Fallout 3

Edit : don't play games on my PC ...I got it on xbox...but when I played fallout 3 on Pc It just was like the same game just better

ZombieRollz3187d ago

I thought exclusive meant one platform, and one platform only? Weird.

BeaArthur3187d ago

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION...okay have fun spending a ton of money on gaming computers for slightly improved quality.

Guido3187d ago

See how that works?

Best part is, for those lucky enough to own a gaming PC, we get to play the best version of the two. If you own all three platforms and would say that you play multiplats on the 360 due to their superior quality, then by all means, you own it to yourself to stick with that mantra and buy the PC version. You get the best version that way.

BeaArthur3187d ago

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION... you don't actually own a gaming PC? So your point of reference is one game?

Sez 3187d ago

"Bragging about a video game u had no part in making"

should i post links to reviews that UC2 got. i bet you will see just how many sonyfanboys was bragging. don't get butt hurt because you guys are getting the same treatment.

Socrates3187d ago

"I thought exclusive meant one platform, and one platform only?"

Actually the word exclusive says nothing about being on one platform. What it means is to 'exclude'.

In the console realm, Mass Effect 2 is excluded from the PS3, which is the 360's primary competitor.

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PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

A fun game indeed.. How u guys disagree( its been at play and trade since last week i e my job )

Before then i had a pirated copy

I could not wait to get my hands on this game....

bacon133187d ago

If this is true....stop stealing or downloading games @$$hole!

cervantes993187d ago

First Uncharted 2 and now Mass Effect 2.

Cannot wait to dig into this one. Early contender for GOTY for sure.

Jamescagney3187d ago

Yeah, it's looking that way. Can't wait to get it.


It is around the time this gen when having two consoles is the way to go...if not all three and a PC

Guido3187d ago

If you own the three platforms you truly get to play all the great titles. I feel sorry for the fanboys that own only a 360 and missed out on Uncharted 2. At least they get to play one of the greats this year with ME2. Next up... God of War III!

table3187d ago

I honestly can't see any other game getting GOTY.

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Just like killzone 2 last year...usually the games in the later part of the year get GOTY...Yes the games in the early part of the year get shafted....Dose not mean they are not great just in video games greatness is easily forgotten..

Edit :Don't get me is a early candidate for sure

Edit2 : Killzone 2 was GOTY material ( Damn I didn't say it deserved to win Uncharted two was the best game to come out this GEN SO FAR)...Halo: ODST no..infamous no

ClownBelt3187d ago

It's sad but what Playstationgeneration said is true.

N4PS3G3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

lol Killzone 2 wasn't going to win GOTY even if released in just wasn't GOTY material...neither was Infamous or Halo:ODST

SnuggleBandit3187d ago

you are comparing killzone 2 to odst lmao??

N4PS3G3187d ago

Really? Killzone 2 is GOTY material? a game with an ATROCIOUS story...wait wait..atrocious is saying much..a game with absolutely NO was laughable at best guys amaze me on what you think is GOTY material

table3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

well kz2 got the awards it deserved like the best shooter/graphics ones. It was never quite a GOTY title but a top game nonetheless.

It is a false perception that only the later games get GOTY because that is traditionally when the blockbuster titles aim to hit.

damnightmare3187d ago

I personally thought Killzone 2 was GOTY material, but games that release earlier in the year get lost in the flood of the Holidays. I can understand how people don't like it but N4PS3G is trying to add trouble lol

Shame that, I don't know why we are talking about Killzone 2 though. This is a Mass Effect 2 review, and this game IS GOTY material =D

N4PS3G3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )


Exactly, Killzone 2 got what it deserved..won alot of merits for Gameplay/ was a top title but far away of being GOTY material... it was great but uneven

Most GOTY games are more complete and even...goty is not something you hand to everything you see or like

Metal Gear Solid 4- Great Gameplay,Great Graphics,Great Story,Great and Memorable Characters,Good story telling,Great Voice Acting, Lengthy,Amazing atmosphere and story arc development, Amazing Music

Bioshock-Great Gameplay,Great Graphics,Great Story,Amazing atmosphere,Unique Story and setting

Uncharted 2- Great gameplay,Awesome Graphics, Good Story, Amazing voice acting , Incredible cinematic experience , Memorable characters ..unique experience

Halo 1 - Great Gameplay, Great Graphics, Amazing Universe and story , Memorable and Great characters , great voice acting , immersive world , Awesome Multiplayer , Great Atmosphere and art direction, Amazing Music

Zelda - Do i even need to start?

Half Life 2 - Do i ?

Star Wars: KOTOR - Really?


Killzone 2- Great Gameplay, Amazing Graphics, Good Art Direction, Great Animations ,God Awful Story and Story telling , Weak and Forgettable characters , Decent but not great controls , Solid Multiplayer, Repetitive gameplay mechanics, Cover-Shoot , Plant- Detonate , Linear Path Shooter , Generic and badly failed sense of humor, lack of enemy variation ....i beated the game and i won't go on

in the was a great game..but GOTY material? C'MON!!

ClownBelt3187d ago

@ N4PS3G

Jesus Christ, stop crying about it. It's not for you to decide whether the game is GOTY or not.

I don't like Bioshock from its repetitive gameplay, but hey it won GOTY.

SnuggleBandit3186d ago


ya i can accept that definitely wasn't 100% amazing like those games but it most definitely had a LOT more polish and hard work put into it than odst...or infamous for that matter

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