God of War III Release Date Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has revealed the launch date for the forthcoming highly-anticipated releases of both God of War III and the God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition in Europe.

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lociefer3409d ago

fckin awesome news, i just hope they release the trailer and nothing else, thteres enough spoilers as it is

MTEC83409d ago

Wonder if the US would do something similar.

snipermk03409d ago

I'm willing to bet they're gonna do something different with the challenge modes. With all the buzzing about no MP, there might be an extensive set of challenge modes like Batman: AA.

OmarJA-N4G3409d ago

March 19!

can't wait to play this GOTY. :)

Obelisk923408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Can't wait.

So I have only 10 days to finish Final Fantasy... holy. I don't think I'll do it.

Chubear3408d ago

cause you KNOW gametrailers is going to show ALL the spoilers possible lol

Carl14123408d ago

Ultimate trilogy edition is preordered :) Can't wait. Might have to take the day off school i think!!

God Sony please have one hell of an advertising campaign for this game...It's asking for it. I want to see adverts plastered over every TV channel (Not just the occasional ad on Dave!), and every gaming website i frequent

WildArmed3408d ago

'March 19 UK date for GoW III is tracking date only, says SCEE'
oh well.
I do hope the game hits after march 17th.. so i can preorder the game and get that awesome poster that I want so badly form 7/11

sikbeta3408d ago

March 19 = EPIC Day


capital1player3408d ago

oh snap man this is the DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAy WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i Turn 17 B!tCHES, i can legally get this game!!!! wOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! BEST GAME EVAA hope the us date is close to this date though!!!!

goflyakite3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Ugh, I just paid for Bioshock 2 and Bad Company 2.

Games are so goddamn expensive.

I'm gonna wait to see if they make a trilogy edition in NA, because I wanted the I & II bundle.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

maybe if sony didnt count north america out by not giving us cool bundles and other cool stuff. we'd be cutting into microsofts NA lead by a bigger chunk. cuz supposebly to sony we dont buy cool bundles or want them. no uncharted 2 bundle like just confused everytime i see a good deal like the triology edition gow like my friend was just asking me about that then of course its prob not comin to the us or sure im not the only one that is confused by sonys decisions on bundles and what not for noth america. we get like one or 2 bundles for the lamest games, then europe and japan gets custom ps3 bundles and what not. theres alotta stuff we dont have. like remember when they mentioned that tv box thing where u could record and pause tv, or the movie store. like whats next where not gunna get 3d. it just doesnt make sense for to why sony is favoring certain places what every happend to world wide releases. im tired of getting the shaft.....i feel like microsoft fan that doesnt get to play gow 3 this march :):)....also right now im gow collection getting prepared to destroy those gods in march.....gow is were starting to beat the 360 here in NA like does this mean sony will give us some love again or have the counted us out as 360 majority fanbase....

tonsoffun3408d ago

this info has been up on the GAME website for a while now.....

Ordered the Ultimate Trilogy Edition........

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893408d ago

obviously you dont live in NA. last bundle we got was a lame soccer game nice try sony once again soccer is a europe sport. ooo and dont forget about the metal gear solid bundle. i just find it funny when the game of the year didnt get a bundle in NA. it doesnt matter anyways i got an original 60 gig launch ps3 so i have no need for bundles just noticed on this website every time a sweet bundle is announced it says europe and then we dont even see it here in NA. i just think bundles could be a factor in swaying people to come to the darkside and enjoy all the sweet games it has to offer. if you disagree with me you obviously dont live in NA or you hate gow.....

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Karooo3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

lol game will be epic.

Two-Face3409d ago

I'm not going to buy this game. Mainly because it's God of War 2.5.

mjolliffe3409d ago

I've played it (last October) and believe me, it's not God of War 2.5

Hellsvacancy3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

And wot do u know exactly, i take it youve played it then huh? oh u havnt, "SHUT UP THEN MOFO"

kenpachi3409d ago

your not going to buy it because you don't have a ps3....... is there any word on the offcial price for the ultimate edition

FiftyFourPointTwo3409d ago

Two-Face won't buy it because it isnt a shooter.

bacon133409d ago

Your epic loss then. I know myself and millions will absolutely get owned by this awesome game. Kratos FTW.

FwanK3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

You are gonna end up with 2.5 bubbles

Two-Face3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

I have the demo. Been having it in a long time now.

Since you guys are so tough. Why don't you add me at PSN. And I can show it to you? Pm me here if you have the balls, which I bet none of you have. and i tell you my PSN id.

God of War 2.5

snowb4203409d ago

No one cares about your fanboy opinion, so please GTFO.

kevco333409d ago

God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition RRP is in the article... Be warned, it's HUGE.

snipermk03409d ago

whats your PSN ID fool?

Cyrax_873409d ago

Riiiight. And I bet you bought ODST day one, yeah?

Karooo3409d ago

and seeing your previous comments u come across as an xbox fanboy.

this is hardly 2.5 its the true next gen sequel.

silvacrest3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

even you must no that the demo is from an earlier build and does not represent the current state of the game?

or just admit that you dont have a PS3...

i liked ODST enough to finish it but if you want to talk about a 2.5 game, there it is

@below, same thing could be said about mass effect 2 (another game i enjoy) before i played it all i new was the story was different to the original, THATS ALL, my point is we dont no enough for anyone to call it 2.5, two-face comments suggests hes an xbox fanboy anyway so i doubt many care about his unproven comments anyway

IrishAssa3409d ago

I think he's right, what makes it so differant from GoW2 besides the graphics?

Two-Face3409d ago

I have a PS3 and the God of War 3 demo.

Like I said. If you want proof, then I will tell you my PSN ID, and I can show you.

So maybe you guys should do that, instead of calling me for names.

I take it through private message.

3409d ago
Karooo3409d ago

moving titan levels, you will sht your pants, santa monica and naughty dog are sonys best studios, stfu and stop trolling here.

IrishAssa3408d ago

Hmm maybe your right, I mean how much can they change it before they have to call it a differant name?

Two-Face3408d ago

''His PSN is King_Cush - spam the hell outta him''

I don't think people will bother, because they have a life compared to you.

IrishAssa3408d ago

what more do you want from it? If you like Action games then this is one the best if not the best. Theres only so much action games like this can evolve anyway,
Throw this and a differant genre together and we might have the future of gaming in our hands

Guido3408d ago

You do realize that the demo is nearly a year old right? What a douche bag you are buddy...

For Great Justice3408d ago

I have read some of Two-Face's writings. While I disagree with much of their content, I do not intend to attack Two-Face's opinions, only to offer my own viewpoints. Before I get moving here, let me point out that Two-Face's tricks cannot stand on their own merit. That's why they're dependent on elaborate artifices and explanatory stories to convince us that once Two-Face has disapproved of something it can't possibly be pertinacious. What is often overlooked, however, is that I see how important his quasi-querulous communiqués are to his loyalists and I laugh. I laugh because we must understand that my message has always been that I indeed suspect that he is full of it. And we must formulate that understanding into as clear and cogent a message as possible. And that's it. Two-Face's head is so far in rectal defilade it would require major surgery to extricate it.

Darkeyes3408d ago

My God the guy has 10 agrees... Damn and look at the Disagrees here even though I see only 1 troll lol... 10 accounts TWO FACE LMFAO and you accuse people here of not having a life lol...

Too bad you won't be playing GOTY 2010. Come on bring on the disagrees.

Lifendz3408d ago

Your comment is the reason why Devs don't like to release demos. The demo is based on an unfinished product. And a demo is, obviously, not the whole game. So you don't know how much better the end game will be and what gameplay elements they'll include because your basing your decision on a friggin demo.

You don't like the franchise? Fine. Don't buy it. I seriously doubt any real God of War fan isn't getting the third game because of anything they experienced in the demo. Only people trying to troll would say such garbage.

bacon133408d ago


Yea right. Disagree troll indeed.

bjornbear3408d ago

i'm glad you won't buy a copy. That was someone else can enjoy that copy, while you are here on N4G trying to get more attention.

+ you're missing something called logic

there is one story - the god of war story.

it was sub-divided into 3 parts

GOW I i dno the story of (never played =( waiting for GOW collection =D)

GOWII is how he falls from grace and how he decides to get back at Zeus

GOWIII is the final part of this story.

You see, thats like saying Star Wars Episode 6 is Star Wars Episode 5.5

its so deluded and fanboyish, I bet you just get off to the number of replies.

count this as another one, and try not to blow your load all over the keyboard.


DaTruth3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

All this talking is unnecessary; GOW 2 still looks better than anything on the XBOX 1.1!

SaberEdge3408d ago

*Delusional fanboy alert!*

Seriously? Did you just say that? God of War 2 looks better than any Xbox game? Damn, talk about detached from reality. God of War 2 looked like a pretty PS2 game, but a PS2 game nonetheless. It had great art direction, but in technical terms it wouldn't stand up to anything but the most mediocre Xbox games. Games like Doom 3, Chronicles of Riddick, Halo 2, and Otogi were far more graphically advanced than GOW 2. It's not even close.

I can understand being a fan (which I am as well), but try not to get detached from reality due to your enthusiasm for the game.

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chidori6663409d ago

the gods gonna die for hands kratos.

frankymv3409d ago

Game is gonna be awesome!!