EA Sports Active Coming To PS3, 360

CC: The CV of a lead systems programmer at EA Sports Canada reveals that the apparent 'Wii exclusive' EA Sports Active will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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mjolliffe3187d ago

It'll work better on Natal I would think. But we'll have to wait and see :)

baum3170d ago

Shouldn't it be "And so it continues..."? It started with that game nobody bought on Wii... No More Heroes, and it followed with the maker of that mediocre FPS that was touted to be a graphical powerhouse, what's it called? You know, the one made by HVS? Oh that's right, nobody cares...

HeroComplex3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

They need to release this soon while people are getting fit for summer as well as fulfilling their New Year's resolutions!

I see this working well with both Natal and PS3 Eye/wand. Hopefully they're different experiences that take advantage of the features of each.

Omega43187d ago

And so begins the ports of Wii games.

At least now some publishers might be able to make their money back on some of the titles which didnt sell as well.

WildArmed3170d ago

I just hope that the 360 n ps3 doesn't get flooded with shovelware though.
The casual games (like EA sports active) I'm not fond of moving over to these consoles.
but the games like No more hereos, etc I can't wait to play :)

SL1M DADDY3170d ago

Dead Space: Extraction on the PS3 and Sillent Hill: Shattered Memories. Both are good games but the lack of HD was enough to make them less than stellar. I still consider myself an HD fanboy so any Wii game that was as good as these being ported and made to look better on an HD console will be big for me.

WildArmed3170d ago

I dont think they'll do a res upgrade or anything for that matter.
They already lost money for the most part.
They are just gonna copy paste for the most part..
But i'd love it if they did use the Dead Space textures in DS:Extractions etc etc.
as long as the game looks good, i dont mind. I dont need the best gfx ever, but gfx like WKC, Mercenaries 2.

Mediocre gfx do fine.. just not psx gfx please

SilentNegotiator3170d ago

You think that exercise titles that didn't sell on the Wii are going to sell better on hardcore-oriented platforms that need sold-separately accessories to play?

Nah, it's not even going to pay off the expense of porting them.

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kevco333186d ago

Not surprised, at all.

Valay3186d ago

I just wonder if the product will be as successful on the PS3/360.

unrealgamer583186d ago

i think the question here is: does anyone care?

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The story is too old to be commented.