TouchGen: GTA: China Town Wars - Head 2 Head

TouchGen writes: "In this video feature, we compare the three versions of GTA:CTW from the original DS version, the PSP remake and the just released iPhone/iPod Touch version…"

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iforgotmylogin4201d ago

looks to me like gaming belongs on psp and ds

iphone has a gimped system looks difficult to play

BiggCMan4201d ago

yea i agree man, it looks very difficult to do all of that on the iphone. i would have to say that it looks the most comfortable on the psp as well, but thats just because i dont like the touch screen on the DS, as well as the double screen on it to. you get a bigger screen on the psp

peeps4201d ago

i found it plays fine on iphone tbh. and it's like 1/4 of the price of the other versions lol

somekindofmike4201d ago

While I wouldn't call the iPhone version the best version, it is definietly comparable graphically to the psp version, and controls perfectly fine too, my only pet hate with it is that your fingers are over the screen. But priced at only £6 on iPhone it's no competition, for my money the psp or ds version is not worth £10/£20 more.

St04201d ago

You get the best of both worlds on iphone, similar graphics to PSP and touch screen like the DS, plus it's half the price of the other two

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DiScOPiMp4201d ago

Ive got this game on iphone 3gs and that video doesnt do it justice at all..