Super Stardust HD reviewed

Eurogamer reviews Super Stardust:

Let's not beat about the bush - this game is the best fun I've had on the PlayStation 3 since the machine launched. Sure, at its heart, it's still just Asteroids (albeit with multiple operations' worth of Demi Moore-quality cosmetic surgery) but the fact of the matter is that just about everything Super Stardust HD sets out to achieve, it does with absolute style...

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twostep184235d ago

this game is way to much fun and looks quite good.....the only complaint id have to say is the online options are jsut the leaders boards as usual =/

still a great experience

MrFurious4234d ago

Hey !!! Did Sony believe that we are just stupid cows??
I'm a great defender of PS3 capabilities, but stop there. I am fed up with such bloody oldies with brighter colors. Maybe this one is good, but I had enough emulators of amiga, SNES, NeoGeo systems in the past, and if I bought this console (600 Euros!!!) this is for true next gen games!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Sony, I think if there is no real revolution in you system, I'm gonna buy a very nice PC and sell this nice piece of hardware...No really I do not care about those small games you are selling on the store, I wanna buy great games, that's all!!

Bigmac5734234d ago

Definitely gunna download this once it hits America =)

Vagrant_14234d ago

wait to get my hands on this game it looks really fun to play

LeonSKennedy4Life4234d ago

Just downloaded Flow...and it's very addicting.

This game looks ohkay...

BranWheatKillah4234d ago

I've loved nearly every original game for the PSN. I honestly think PSN has better original titles than XBL.

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