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NeonEnigma2795d ago

Is PS Now fairly consistent with a good internet connection? Do the games offer trophy support?

SamPao2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

yes and yes. Go read on forums, you only hear good things once your connection is good enough. (and you don't need a very fast one)
Trophy support is there.

did you even watch the vid?
on 20 seconds they tell you about trophy support :P

JoGam2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

They need to bring Socom II

NeonEnigma2795d ago

No, i was mainly concerned with hearing a users opinion of the service so i just commented. But I will be giving this a try tonight

morganfell2795d ago

Yes it works and works very well. Trophy Support is there as well as cloud saves for any game progression.

bouzebbal2795d ago

Doesn anyone know if PS Now supports 3D gaming?
U3 and Stardust were good in 3D.

morganfell2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )


As of January, no 3D support. Now is not set up to properly detect your 3D display and manual choice is off since 3D requires a massive amount of bandwidth. Frame packing doesn't work well of bandwidth that currently supports smooth play in standard mode.

I would think it could be done without a hit but they would have to substantially increase the intial cache size during the game launch on the resident system (PS4, PS3, Vita, PS TV, or Sony TV) that is running Now.

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S2Killinit2795d ago

yeah. I have never tried it with a fighting game yet. But the games I've tried worked just fine. Never tried multiplayer either though. I didn't eve know you could also play multiplayer games on PS NOW.

Scatpants2795d ago

It works great on my vita. My internet connection is fairly good, but not the best.

Bobby Kotex2795d ago

When I beta tested it, I had a crappy DSL connection and it worked flawlessly.

Skate-AK2795d ago

I have 18mb/s download and it worked pretty well for me. The game I played was a simple hunting one though.

NeonEnigma2795d ago

Thanks everybody for feedback, i was pretty intent on believing that streaming a game to my ps4 would work like crap, but after streaming shadow of the colossus to my ps4 im actually pretty excited about it. Its definately going to help me knock out some of my backlog!

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Jedislayer2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I love ps now, think about 100 + ps3 games streamed right away to your tv. Don't have to wait for gamefly, don't need to get up and go to the store. Instantly streamed to you from an internet connection. Think about it. gamefly two disc plan runs you 22.00 a month for two disc and sometimes you have to wait. 2-4 days for a game. $44.00 for 3 months gets you unlimited access to ps3 games and soon ps2 and ps1. If you are an mmo player you pay 15.00 a month just to play that one game. i think the value is perfect. Even when psn goes down. Think about mmo's when they go down or go down for maintenance you still pay 15.00 a month for that one game. Not trying to fanboy here but ps now will be a good investment. Think about it you don't have to hook up your old console just to play a game.

freshslicepizza2795d ago

it will be a good investment (for me) once they have ps4 games.

andresegr2795d ago

Playstation Now won't include Playstation 4 titles while the Ps4 remains on the market, it doesn't make any sense.

Death2795d ago

Sony has already said they will release PS4 games for the PS4 on the service.

freshslicepizza2795d ago

"Playstation Now won't include Playstation 4 titles while the Ps4 remains on the market, it doesn't make any sense."

why not? sony already mentioned this along with ps1 and ps2 games.

rental outlets are becoming harder and harder to find. they may not see much value adding it to the pay by the month plan since they have the plus service and it's monthly free give-aways but it could be a great option to rent games.

_-EDMIX-_2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

"Playstation Now won't include Playstation 4 titles while the Ps4 remains on the market, it doesn't make any sense"

Not sure what you mean. PS now has PS3 titles on PS3...

Not sure why you wouldn't have PS4 titles on PS4. I say this based on with PS4 you have buttons, features etc that make more sense to only be streamed from another PS4.

I very much see them streaming PS4 games in the future as I see no reason not to.

I'm not trolling either, but what would make you think the couldn't or wouldn't?

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WelkinCole2795d ago

As a core gamer. Would you consider it going forward even though you might already own a PS1,PS2 and PS3?.

I am actually surprised that its getting good reviews from core gamers.

xer02794d ago

I'm looking forward to playing, Siren: Bloodcurse again! :)

Deadlead2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I tried PS Now for a month and am now really intrigued by the games on demand model, the convenience of such a massive catalogue at your fingertips is awesome. But I have ps3 so the value just isn't there at the moment. Also I couldn't help but wonder why there aren't more Sony exclusives featured on Now?

SoapShoes2795d ago

Yeah every Sony published game should be there! It is great on PS Vita!

StormLegend2795d ago

I love PS now, it just needs more AAA games.

WickedLester2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Agreed. That and games from previous generations besides PS3. Where are all the PS1/PS2 classics?

Death2795d ago

Initial focus is on the PS3 with PS/PS2/PS4 games to be added later.

KryptoniteTail2795d ago

The best games to play on PSNow would be RPGs, Card Games, Board Games, pretty much anything turn-based or non-reflex related. On the opposite side, Fighting games, for example, are absolute trash on PSNow because if you're even half serious about them you don't want any interference, period. Normal online tends to be bad enough as it is for serious players.

I would also stay from anything like 1001 Spikes or Shmups.

Also, when is the price going to drop to a reasonable $10 per month/$100 per year?

Simco8762795d ago

Yeah $44 for 3 months is kind of trash.

Joe9132794d ago

You can tell by your comment you either never really tried PSnow or your internet sucks.

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