NBA '08 Preview - [email protected]

You better be prepared for NBA '08 for the PS3 because it's coming at ya! That is right the PS3 will be getting NBA '08 which is to be bigger, badder and more beautiful then NBA '07 was! So you better get your $60 saved up just so you can grab this sucker as soon as it's on shelves!


[email protected] has reported info in detail on what the new SIXAXIS controls are!

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Circa244734d ago

This is a preview? It's just some PS3 fanboy over-hyping a yearly released sports game.

I love my PS3, but come on man, do you really have to sound desperate?

Circa244734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Double post...friggin internet...

Marceles4734d ago

Live and NBA 2K8 will be out before you know one wants this crap.

kspraydad4733d ago

Poorly worded fan review based on what they have read elsewhere...poor choice to approve this.

GamerMan4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Most the time you guys are biased about reading an article so i always look... and this time I suffered. The person that wrote that "snippet" cause it sure the heck isn't a preview or a review is hyping the game with very little information. Sheesh whats the key differences. I picked up a litte out of it but man it was a terrible read.

Personally I like the NBA2K series a lot better. I will give sony's version credit though.. it was definitely pretty but it didn't have enough options for me and as far as I'm concerned NBA live hasn't been good since '99 version.

Honeal2g4733d ago

first of all let me start by sayin that game is trash and secondly NBA Live 2007 was better than NBA07 so you KNOW it was TRash cause live sucked last year NBA 2k7 is the number one backetball simulation on the market i will admin sony sure can make a baseball game comin from someone who plays baskeball and is passionate about the sport plz for the love of god sony dont make another bball game again

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