OXCGN: Alien Breed Evolution Review

OXCGN writes: "Heroes are meant to live forever aren't they? In this game I (playing the hero protagonist) seemed to die more than in any other game that I have ever played. Alien Breed: Evolution is a game where you are not an invincible hero but an ordinary soldier who has the amazingly convenient ability to revive- a lot.

Alien Breed is a series that has stood the test of time. It has not been seen since the late 1990's but now it makes a comeback into the digital age of high-definition and huge flat screens. The first Alien Breed game was released in 1991 and it was for the Amiga, which is an old version of the PC. It is a gaming legend that has been reborn on the Xbox 360 through the downloadable Xbox Live Arcade medium."

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BadCircuit3241d ago

It is good to see that old games are coming back through XBLA. I hope more old games will be made for XBLA soon.

gaminoz3241d ago

It's good it has co-op! That's probably the only way I'd want to play it.

BadCircuit3241d ago

I want more games to have co-op. There isn't enough of them these days. It's good that this game has done that.

XboxOZ3603241d ago

NOt a fan of some older ones that are simply ports of older games, to 'keep then authentic' - blahh . .

But when they are complete rebuilds with the basic concept of the older games, then great. It is after all, the 21st century, not the late 80's to mid 90's . .so we expect a newer, fresher approach to games. Well I certainly do.

If I can nab some code for this, then I'll get it. Looks rather cool actually.

3241d ago
Godem3240d ago

there needs to be another truly amazing XBLA arcade game, as i just dont care about these ones.

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