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"When SOCOM Confrontation was first released on the PlayStation 3, it was plagued with connection problems, which left fans a little less than impressed. Weeks after its release, the game received a patch which fixed the issues and everyone was happy. Here we are two years later and the game is just seeing it's first expansion pack, but it was worth the wait..." - Just Push Start

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MightyMark4273902d ago

i remember this during basic in the Navy lol

Rob Hornecker3902d ago

I was VERY disapointed with SOCOM from back in the PS2 days and the PS has never changed my opinion one bit. As the author said Its to DARK and I have to agree. There are much better games either out there now or coming in the near future.

I guess if your a fan of the game then this add on maybe worth it ,but I'll stick to GRAW,CoD/mw 1&2,and the upcoming MAG and Battlefield/BC2 when playing the PS3.