Top 10 Overrated Game Franchises of All Time

From the PlanetXbox360.com feature list:

"Ever since the dawn of man people have figured out that if you make something successful, and then make some similar to that first thing that it will also make millions of dollars. This is the basic premise behind all movie and video game franchises, and it has been happening since the beginning of both forms of entertainment. Sometimes it works great (Star Wars IV-VI) and sometimes it's a complete disaster (Star Wars I-III); because of this fact we decided to go back and pick what we believed to be the top 10 overrated game franchises of all time. Now this doesn't mean all the games in the chosen franchise were junk (maybe just half of the 8 games reminded us of feces), but for one reason (level design) or another (review scores) the franchise made our dreaded list. No fan-boy platform is safe and literally every virtual rock will be overturned in the search for the top ten video game overrated franchises of all time."

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UltimaEnder5264d ago

I gotta agree with number 1 - the DLC was great but franchise is getting so OLD!

Killjoy30005264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

I definitely don't appreciate an Xbox site's unfair jab at the greatest hack and slash game of all time. Epic story, amazing level design, unparalleled technical prowess, and the power to make the player feel more badass than any other game can, God of War more than merits its praise.

Pretty lame how they tried to level their criticism by throwing Halo in there. Bringing down the name of the most commonly associated name the Xbox brand definitely doesn't help their cause. I would guess that it would only anger the majority of members of this site.

Poorly composed article. Hating on huge IP's makes you indifferent, but not in the way you want, PlanetXbox. You're just perceived in a bad light more than anything.

Darkstorn5264d ago

For the most part it's a good list, but I'd rearrange some things on there...

ico925264d ago

i definatley agree with pokemon i can't stand the franchise, the gameplay hasnt changed at all in 14 years,and only has slight graphical improvements, i mean i loved yellow and ruby but everything else...meh

Wrathman5264d ago

i gotta agree with the best part of this list. some of them games i havent touched tho.GOW is one and pokemon is the other.if i havent heard of them does that mean they are bad?a butt load of people here rave about GOW and especially GOW3.due to the graphics.i have seldom bought or played a game because it just looked good.maybe thats my age.since playing games in my youth using either a massive floppy disc or tape deck to load games.the youth today are insane about the graphics.

substance over visuals anyday.

FamilyGuy5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

First of all it's annoying to see an xbox centric website put down franchises that don't appear on their console but then the fact that they're putting down many great franchises by scraping up reasons make it even worse.

Seriously, Halo 3 is bad cuz not everyone you play online has beatin the single player? Complains about a science fictional games story?
GOW is only good because of the huge boss battles? What about its art style, theme, graphics, story, the way the story is told?

I didn't read all the complaints, the article was a waste of time.

Tony P5264d ago

I really agree with GoW and have for years.

I've played the games and I honestly don't see what it does differently or so much better than other action games. It confuses me when people think GoW set some kind of bar. I dunno, maybe for popularity? Maybe for gore? Maybe for QTEs? That's all that I can see that stands out about the game. Everything else is strictly standard fare.

This game to me is the Halo of the action franchises. And I don't hate either. They just seem typical of that game that's really popular, but not necessarily the greatest. Is it the same reason poeple thought Mortal Kombat was "better" than Street Fighter? Lotsa blood and guts?

What exactly does this have over its progenitors like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden?

ryhanon5264d ago

I have to agree. I laugh when people make fun of a game like Heavy Rain because they believe it to be nothing more than QTEs and then they go on to praise a game like God of War, which is itself almost nothing but button-mashing and QTEs. God of War is a game that interested me because of the story and rave reviews. I finally picked up the collection and played about 4 or 5 hours of both GoW1 and GoW2 before trading for something else.

I do not understand what people see in these games. Sure, the graphics are pretty good, Kratos is just about the definition of badass, and I'll give it the benefit of the doubt as far as the story is concerned, it was definitely intriguing - but the gameplay felt *severely* dated and uninteresting... everything from the fixed position camera (why a game is even allowed to exist with a fixed camera is beyond me) to the ridiculous button-mashing brawling. There were brawlers nearly 20 years ago that had better gameplay. And I'm sorry, but positioning secret rooms and puzzle solutions in places that are hard to see only because the camera is unmovable does not equate to good level design.

Reibooi5264d ago

@Tony P

Tottaly agree. I have to say that to me the God of War series(while certainly a good series) doesn't deserve the massive hype. I mean it did some cool things when the first one came out like QTE and it had some really over the top gore but now stuff like that means nothing.

The story isn't anything special nor is Kratos himself as a character. You can pretty much find the same thing in any of those movies they have on Sci fi about greek mythology.

In terms of pure game play and skill required games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 3 have GoW beat hands down and even more recently Bayonetta has showed that it can be just as good if not better then GoW.

WildArmed5264d ago

I'd punch in Fable into that...
But I think Final fantasy got overrated in the last few years.
(Beyond FFX imo)

I dunno about GoW franchise as a whole, I've only played GoW1 and loved it.

So I can't say if it's over rated or not. But there are equally great action franchises like Devil May Cry out there.

I'm extremely surprised that Mario/Zelda doesn't make an appearance.

Saaking5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

lol, this is one of the worst Xbox sites around (and a lot of them are horrible). God of War deserves all the praise it has gotten and will get. It's a genre defining game and the first two are some of the best PS2 games ever. Xbox site bashing GOW. Big surprise. Stick to XBOX 360 GAMES (Since that IS the name of the site).

It's from the same guys who made "how Natal will destroyed everything!!" and "how the Xbox 720 will dominate!!!" what a joke.

ryhanon5264d ago

Good call on Fable. I enjoyed the first one, despite all of the unfulfilled hype, but the second one felt like a chore to play and I've already decided to ignore the third.

I'd disagree about Zelda, I've very much enjoyed every Zelda game I've ever played. They're the only real reason to own a Nintendo system as far as I'm concerned.

WildArmed5264d ago

Imo Zelda games lost their touch after Twilight Princess (i loved the game, but it didn't leave the same feeling as the other classics)

And as for Fable, I loved the first one to death.. put well over 200 hours into it.
I was extremely disappointed with the 2nd.. esp. the story.
I am eagerly waiting for the next one, and certainly do hope the devs can redeem themselves.

Marceles5264d ago

Crappy article, I don't even need to elaborate lol. Alot of those games are genre defining...yes if you play them now then they'll feel old but at the time you had to get alot of them props.

Ravage275264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

but to me, GOW is the pinnacle of action games. NG series,Darksiders,DMC series,Bayonetta,Onimusha,i've played them all and none of them leaves as deep an impression in me.

I think it is the combination of the epicness of atmosphere,story,music,graphic s,combat moves(very cool and really fun),Kratos and of course, the boss fights. The battle against the 2 sisters in GOW2 remains one of my top 3 all-time favourite gaming moments. The other 2 are bossfights from Demon's Souls.

It can only be overrated if most of hack&slash fanbase didn't find it that good, but i don't think that's the case.

*edit* NGS is good no doubt but i didn't feel anything while playing it. Combat is challenging in a way, but i prefer Demon's Souls if it is solely about gameplay. As a complete package though, i will take GOW any day

Darkstorn5264d ago

Ninja Gaiden was the first of the hardcore hack n' slashers on console, and it is still the best. They made it even better with NG: Sigma.

ryhanon5264d ago

That's actually a pretty interesting point you make: "It can only be overrated if most of hack&slash fanbase didn't find it that good" - It's easy for me to say that God of War is overrated because I'm not a really huge fan of hack & slash brawlers to begin with (though I am enjoying Darksiders quite a bit), so a lot of the aspects that many say make God of War a "great game" could very well be lost on people like me. I'd be willing to accept that as an explanation for why people feel it's a good game despite me thinking it's mostly crap.

The same could be said about any genre I suppose. I guess that's why people like Madden.

Ravage275264d ago

i enjoyed Darksiders a lot too,just got a platinum for it a few days back. It reminds me alot of GOW though - i wouldn't call it a rip-off but it definitely borrowed quite a bit from the gameplay. Maybe you prefer the level design and RPG elements in Darksiders?

ryhanon5264d ago

Yeah, the RPG elements, level design, *controllable* camera (that's a big one for me), and how you can interact with scenery - these are all things that I think make it better than GoW. At least on a gameplay level, anyhow... I may not have made it very far in GoW1/2 before I grew tired of them and gave up, but even the little bit I did play had a much better story line going for it, and Kratos was a better character. Typically my favorite games are those with a strong story component and my biggest regret about GoW is that I was enjoying the story but not the gameplay and just couldn't bring myself to play through it.

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NotoriousWarrior5264d ago

seriously, the guy actually put God of War as overrated.

I agree with GTA, Halo and all the other games but not God of War.

just my opinion.

THE MAX SPEED 215264d ago

I Agree with every game Except RESIDENT evil & Gow

AngelorD5264d ago

God of War redefined epicness, brutality, boss fights, and set pieces and is one of the greatest A/A game of last gen.
Ahh no it's not overrated.

Wait I forgot the name of that other game that has living breathing titans which are whole levels... uhh no I can't seem to remember... help me out here?

NecrumSlavery5264d ago

At first I thought they put Halo in there to be "fair" in their lame ass attempt at bashing the greatest hack-n-slash adventure series, but then the guys point was to b1tch at some of Halo 3's online quirks and call the single story great. This is a definitely BS article.

ndibu5264d ago

I think you'll find you are indeed mistaken. Said multiplayer was great, story. . .not so much

heroicjanitor5264d ago

But angelor if you weren't being sarcastic I'd almost count shadow of the colossus, those were very big and you were climbing them a lot...