Mass Effect 2 - Major Sex Scenes Unlocked

Since the announcement of Mass Effect 2, one of the many things people "mostly men" have been asking is who will Commander Shepard sleep with next? Well ESG has some of those Major Sex scenes.

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PtRoLLFacE3215d ago

i smell fox news all over this, but wait till ya see shepherd getting drunk lol

mrv3213215d ago

It smells bad doesn't it? Biased and unresearched news articles designed to attract their prime demographic which aren't gamers and mostly patriots.

Please note I have nothing against patriots their can be good... but I HATE biased media who misrepresent the facts.

blue7xx73215d ago

Not really these are very tame compare to the first mass effect sex scenes. It seems they didn't want the controversy.

Sanzee3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I agree with blue. I can't believe how much Bioware tamed it down. Mass Effect got me Mass Erect.

Dmitry Orlov3214d ago

Get drunk and then go dancing. The camera goes crazy :)

ChrisW3214d ago

EA already blocked it! Damn, they're quick!

Guido3214d ago

Then you must hate all news media outlets since they all have their slant towards one side or another. Don't be fooled into believing that any one of them is out to truly inform you of anything without a slant of some kind. Only an idiot would think there is a media outlet that cares.

Altourus3214d ago

That's mostly only the case in America. In other parts of the world we have these people called Journalists. They seem to be under the belief that the truth is a pretty damn good story.

ReBurn3214d ago

Journalists sensationalize.

Reporters report.

Journalism is what's wrong with news.

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Rockox3215d ago

Commander Shepard is a space pimp.

The spoof video is pretty funny. And where are the vids with a female Shep sexing everyone up?

Sanzee3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Your avatar is f*cking awesome. By the way, I've seen the space pimp spoof, one of the best videos on Youtube. Nothing like smacking a hoe in Mass Effect.

Double Toasted3214d ago will make you do some crazy sh*t, man!

Erotic Sheep3215d ago

Now lets watch this article rise to 1000+ degrees

FishCake9T43215d ago

Shepard is a straight up playa. I can smell GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.